Pumps and Tubing

Miethke™ Glass Tubing Accessories

Rührverschluss mit doppelter LippendichtungWellen D 10 mm, NS 29/32

Saint-Gobain Sterile Silicone Tubing

Use this tubing for biopharmaceutical applications. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Sterile Silicone Tubing is biologically inert and does not inhibit cell culture. Stays flexible down to -50°C and maintains its chemical, mechanical and electrical performance up to +200°C. 10M SILICONE VERSILIC TUBG 3X5MM

Cole-Parmer™ Benchtop Tubing Cutter

Use this tubing cutter for general tube cutting applications. Cole-Parmer™ Benchtop Tubing Cutter is ideal for laboratory use. Steel blade makes right-angle cuts in plastic tubing 1/16 to 5/8 in. OD. TUBG CUTTER

Buerkle™ Buerkle™ Hose Cutter

Edges cut with the hose cutter are always clean and flat, even in the case of thick hoses SCHLAUCHABSCHNEIDER (VE=1 PCE)

Fisherbrand™ Variable-Flow Peristaltic Pumps

Compact peristaltic pumps for use with liquids and gases MINI PUMP KZ3386FF PERISTALTIC VARIABLE FLOW220-240V 50-60HZ 170MM X 121MM X 114MM 0.4 TO

Welch Ilmvac™ PTFE Filter

X10 Filter, PTFE, 1um mesh, 55mm diameter forbiovac 060 und biovac 106

Saint-Gobain PharMed™ BPT Biocompatible Tubing

Use this tubing for peristaltic pumps and sensitive cell cultures. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ PharMed™ BPT Biocompatible Tubing is less permeable to gases and vapors than silicone tubing and is ideal for fermentation, separation, purification and process monitoring and control systems. 7,5M PHARMED BPT TUBG 9,6X16MM

Fisherbrand™ Catalyst PharMed BPT Formulation Pump Tubing

Available in standard 15m Lengths. Pharmed BPT GP Tubing 0.8mm ID,15m length

Fisherbrand™ Silicone Tubing

For consistently reliable and accurate fluid transfers. 10M Tubing silicone rubber 9.0 2.0mm

Welch Ilmvac™ Bacteria Filter

Provide safe and precise aspiration of fluids in chemical, biological and medical processes. Welch Ilmvac™ Bacteria Filters are designed for use with biovac 060 and 106 safety aspiration and filtration systems. X1 FILTER FOR BIOVAC

Integra Biosciences™ VACUSAFE Aspiration System

Use this aspiration system for the safe disposal of biological liquids. Integra Biosciences™ VACUSAFE Aspiration System is a compact, all-in-one laboratory vacuum pump, providing a safe and efficient way to collect and contain biological liquid waste. Vacusafe Aspiration system with integrated pump, glass collection bottle 3l and level detection

Cole-Parmer™ UNF Male Threaded Adapters, PVDF

Combine these simple, economical PVDF male threaded adaptors with flexible tubing for use in your low-pressure applications (generally less than 30 psi). UNF Male Threaded Adapters slide into soft tubing. Tubing elasticity holds the tubing onto the fitting for low-pressure installations. X10 ADAPTER KYNAR 1/4'28F X 1/16

Welch™ MPC 090 E Vacuum Pump

Use this vacuum pump for sample preparation in life sciences, environmental monitoring, chemistry and analytical processes. Welch™ MPC 090 E Vacuum Pumps feature reliable diaphragm technology, ensuring quiet operation and long service life. CHEMICAL RESIST.PUMP 15L/MIN 100MB

Carl Roth™ PTFE High Viscosity Paste

Inert chemically. Roth Carl™ Rotiszint™ PTFE High Viscosity Paste has a high sample acceptance capacity. PTFE-Paste, 100 g

Ark Plas Products™ Polypropylene Threaded Female Luer

Use these luers with a wide variety of medical and laboratory instruments. Ark Plas Products™ Polypropylene Threaded Female Luers feature conical tapers molded to ISO 594-1 and ISO 594-2 Standards for 6% luer tapers to ensure compatibility with all other luers molded to the same standard. X25 ADAPTER LUER F X 1/4'28F

BrandTech™ VACUUBRAND™ PC3001 VARIO™ Pro Pumping System

Self-regulating vacuum control for complex evaporations. VACUUBRAND™ PC3001 VARIO™ Pro Pumping System Automatically finds and follows boiling curves and adjusts its own operation for fast, bump-free evaporation without intervention. VACUUM SYSTEM PC3001 VARIO PRO TE, EU plug

Saint-Gobain Natural Rubber Tubing

Use this tubing for a variety of industrial, construction and chemical applications. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Natural Rubber Tubing provides an ideal combination of chemical resistance and pump life. 10M GUM-RUBBER VAC TUBG 8X20MM

Deutsch Neumann™ Silicone Tubing

Appropriate for use with peristaltic pumps. Deutsch Neumann™ Silicone Tubing is transparent, certified food grade and suitable for general laboratory usage. 25M TUYAU SILICONE DI 12 MM EP

Ismatec™ Tygon™ ST Standard 2-stop Tubing

Inexpensive, all around 2-stop tubing for general laboratory applications. Ismatec™ Tygon™ ST Standard 2-stop Tubing requires extension tubing on both suction and discharge sides. TYGON R-3603 Pumpenschlauch, Typ ENE-02 mit 2Stopper,orange-blau (VE=12Stck.)

Ismatec™ IPC-N 24 Peristaltic Pump


Vacuubrand™ Manual Flow Control Valve C2 Upgrade Kit

Manual flow control valve C2 Upgrade kit

BUCHI Plastic Tubing

Hose, Nyflex 14/8

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Aspirator Vacuum Pump

Attach this vacuum pump directly to sink faucets for vacuum draw. It operates efficiently with water pressures as low as 7.5 psig for minimum water consumption. PUMP,VACUUM,ASPIRATOR,PP POLYETHYLENE TUBING

Welch™ LVS 105 T-10 ef Laboratory Vacuum System

Designed for solvent distllation / evaporation applications. Welch™ LVS 105 T-10 ef Laboratory Vacuum System is an oil-free, chemical duty diaphragm pump. VACUUM SYSTEM ECOFLEX 18L/MIN 2MB

Carl Roth™ Rotilabo™ Silicone Tubing

Manufactured from silicone. The Carl Roth Rotilabo™ Silicone Tubing can be used for a wide array of functions. Silikonschlauch, ID=7mm, Wandstärke 1,5mm, (VE=10Meter)

Hamilton™ Luer Lock Adapters for Hamilton™Valves

Adapters are designed to work with Hamilton valves PCTFE M. LUER CONN.,1.5mmmm

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum™ Thermovac Transmitter

TM Transmitter TTR 91, DN 16 KF

Welch Ilmvac™ Oil Mist Filter Cartridge

A replacement exhaust filter cartridge, for use with vacuum pumps. CARTRIDGE FOR OIL MIST FILTER(und AKD)