PCR Reagents and Kits

Thermo Scientific™ DyNAmo ColorFlash Probe qPCR Kit

Offers equal performance to the DyNAmo Flash Probe qPCR Kit. In addition, it incorporates an innovative multicolor system that ensures correct pipetting. 40 RXN DYNAMO COLORFLASH PROBE QPCR KIT 2X BLUEMmix, contains Hot-Start Polymerase, PCR buffer,

Invitrogen™ Platinum™ Pfx DNA Polymerase

Built-in hot start 500 RXN PFX DNA POLYMERASE PLATINUM(R) 500 REACTIOns Store at -20°C

Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Fast Universal PCR Master Mix (2X), No AmpErase™ UNG

TaqMan™ Fast Universal PCR Master Mix contains all of the components, excluding the template and primers, for superior real-time qPCR. 250 RXN FAST UNIVERSAL PCR MASTER MIX (2x1,25ml)AmpErase, UNG 250reactions Store at 4°C

Thermo Scientific™ DreamTaq Hot Start PCR Master Mix

Thermo Scientific DreamTaq Hot Start DNA Polymerase is the product of choice when you need consistently robust amplification with minimal optimization steps 1000RXN DREAMTAQ HOT START MASTER MIX

Thermo Scientific™ Phusion™ Buffers

Buffer packs for use in PCR with Phusion High-Fidelity DNA Polymerases X4 Phusion Green GC buffer pack 1.5ML

Invitrogen™ THE RNA Storage Solution

Features to minutesimize base hydrolysis of RNA THE RNA STORAGE SOLN. 10 X 1MLTHE Ambion® RNA Storage Solution is a buffer that

Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Copy Number Assay

TaqMan™ Copy Number Assay COPY NUMBER ASSAYS, LG STORE AT -20 C

Thermo Scientific™ Verso™ cDNA synthesis Kit

Perform robust transcription of RNA to create a complete cDNA pool. VERSO CDNA KIT

Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Rodent GAPDH Control Reagents

TaqMan™ Rodent GAPDH Control Reagents 1000 RXN RODENT GAPDH CONTROL REAGENTS 1000REACTIOns Store at -20 C

Thermo Scientific™ MgCl2 (Magnesium Chloride)

Optimize your PCR reaction conditions with this Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2) solution. 5ML 25MM MGCL2

Thermo Scientific™ RevertAid™ Reverse Transcriptase

Perform efficient synthesis of full-length first strand cDNA up to 13 kb with this genetically modified M-MuLV RT for routine reverse transcription. REVERTAID RT 200U/UL 10000U

Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Universal PCR Master Mix, No AmpErase™ UNG

TaqMan™ Universal PCR Master Mix, No AmpErase™ UNG is the ideal reagent solution when you need a Master Mix for multiple 5' nuclease DNA applications. 400 RXN UNIVERSAL PCR MASTER MIX, NO AMPERASE,

Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Array Human MicroRNA A+B Cards Set v3.0

TaqMan™ Array Human MicroRNA A+B Cards Set v3.0 TQMN ARRY HMN URNA A+B CRDS V3

Applied Biosystems™ Custom TaqMan™ SNP Genotyping Assay

Custom TaqMan™ SNP Genotyping Assay X80 CUST TQMN SNP ASSAYS,NON-HUMAN (80 X 12,000 RXN)

Thermo Scientific™ DreamTaq DNA Polymerase

Get higher sensitivity, longer PCR products and higher yields in all standard PCR applications with this enhanced Taq DNA polymerase. DREAMTAQ DNA POL 5U/UL 500U

Thermo Scientific™ ABsolute™ Blue qPCR Mix, With Separate ROX vial

ABsolute Blue qPCR Mixes utilize Thermo-Start Taq hot start enzyme for increased sensitivity. ABSOLUTE BLUE QPCR MIX + SEPARATE ROX VIAL1.600 X25µl rxn

Thermo Scientific™ RevertAid™ First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit

A complete system for efficient synthesis of first strand cDNA from RNA templates. RevertAid RT Kit

Invitrogen™ SuperScript™ III CellsDirect™ cDNA Synthesis Kit


Thermo Scientific™ Phusion™ U Hot Start PCR Master Mix

Thermo Scientific Phusion U DNA Polymerase is a proofreading enzyme (25x Taq) with a proprietary mutation to read through uracils and incorporate dUTP X500 PHUSION U HOT START PCR MASTER MIX, 50UL

Applied Biosystems™ Protein Expression Lysate Control Kit (Raji)

Protein Expression Lysate Control Kit (Raji) PROTEIN EXPN LYSATE CNTRL KIT

Thermo Scientific™ DyNAmo HS SYBR™ Green qPCR Kit

Contains a modified Thermus brockianus DNA polymerase and all the other reagents needed for qPCR. 1 SET DYNAMO HS SYBR GREEN QPCR KIT, 2X MASTERMix contains Hot-Start DNA Polymerase, SYBRGreen

Applied Biosystems™ SYBR™ Green PCR Master Mix

Everything needed for SYBR™ Green dye–based PCR amplification and detection in a convenient, single-tube format. 5AMP 1000 RXN SYBR, GREEN PCR MASTER MIX, 5 PACK (

Applied Biosystems™ Sequence Detection Systems Spectral Calibration Kit, 384-well

Sequence Detection Systems Spectral Calibration Kit, 384-well X2 SEQUENCE DETECTION SYSTEMS 384-WELL SPECTRALcalibration kit 2plates Store at -20 C

Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Gene Expression Master Mix

Precise and reliable real-time qPCR quantification over 9 logs of linear dynamic range with Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Gene Expression Master Mix. 2000 RXN GENE EXPRESSION MASTER MIX, 1 BULK PACK(1 x 50mL) 2000reactions Store at 4°C

Invitrogen™ RNA Control 250

Ultra-pure, precisely defined sequence, molecular weight, and concentration X2 RNA CONTROL 250 20µL STORE AT -20 C

Fisher BioReagents™ Taq DNA Polymerase

Allows up to 100 cycles of amplification without loss of activity X100 UNITS TAQ DNA POLYMERASE, CONCENTRATION 5000units/mL