Electrodes and Accessories

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Standard All-in-One™ pH Buffer Kit

Work with ease using this color-coded pH buffer kit that includes three buffers, storage solution and a storage bottle. STANDARD ALL-IN-ONE PH BUFFER KIT, THERMO SCIENTIFic Orion, 475mL each of 4.01, 7.00 and 10.01

SI Analytics™ Connection Cables and Plugs

SI Analytics™ Connection Cables and Plugs are available in various combinations of electrode socket, instrument plug and cable length. Stecker-Kabelkombinationen TYP: K 1 A, Bereich:Elektroden, Gruppe: Zubehoer fuer L

Mettler Toledo™ Routine Series pH and pH/ATC Combination Electrodes

Designed for accurate measurement in a wide range of sample types. With EQUITHAL™ technology, Mettler Toledo Routine Series pH and pH/ATC Combination Electrodes guarantees shortest response times despite large changes in temperature. ELECTRODE INLAB ROUTINE PT1000 PH-COMBINATIONceramic junction glass 120mm length x 12mm dia 0

Mettler Toledo™ AK 9 Plug Head Connection Cable

AS9/1m/-15.50D Steckkopf Verbindungskabel

SI Analytics™ ScienceLine Glass Single Reference Electrode

Especially useful for the separation of combination electrodes into separate measuring and reference electrodes. SI Analytics™ ScienceLine Glass Single Reference Electrode are for special applications and make complex applications even more reliable. GLASS REFERENCE ELECTRODE B3410

WTW™ Pepsin Cleaning Solution

Ideal for removing protein precipitation from the diaphragm of electrodes with liquid electrolyte. X3 250ML PEPSINE SOLUTION

Mettler Toledo™ Mettler Toledo™ Micro pH Electrode: LE422

Designed for measuring in small or narrow neck vessels or test tubes PH ELECTRODE METTLER LE422 MICRO GEL

Mettler Toledo™ Oxygen Sensor Master 6800/6050

O2 Sensor Master InPro 6800 Nr. 52200892

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ DuraProbe™ 4-Electrode Conductivity Cells

Virtually eliminate fringe field interference errors with the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ DuraProbe™ 4-Electrode Conductivity Cells. COND 4 CELL 15MM 10M CABminiDIN

SI Analytics™ Conversion Adapter

SI Analytics™ Conversion Adapter transforms all pH meters with DIN sockets into BNC plugs. ADAPTER DIN / BNC - Z 860

Fisherbrand™ pH Microelectrodes

With small diameters for use measuring pH on very small samples. Fisherbrand™ pH Microelectrodes can also be used for sample receptacles which are not very accessible.

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ ISE Ionic Strength Adjustors (ISA) and Special Reagents

Take more accurate and reproducible ISE measurements with Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ ISE Ionic Strength Adjustors (ISA) and Special Reagents. CYANIDE - ALKALINE REACTIF 475ML

SI Analytics™ LiCl Saturated in Ethanol Electrolyte Solution

Elektrolytlösung 250 ml, Lithiumchlorid 0,1 mol/lin Ethanol

Hanna Instruments™ Glass Combination pH Electrodes

Sensing electrode made with a silver ring with a design that is ideal for use in argentometric titrations. ELECTRODE GLASS BODIED WITH BNC CONNECTOR

WTW™ SenTix™ 21 pH Electrode

Recommended for all applications where reliable measured values are needed even under the most adverse conditions. For demanding measurements in the lab, there are SenTix™ electrodes with 3 mol/l KCl liquid electrolyte, easy to clean glass shaft and platinum diaphragm. PH ELECTRODE GEL 1M CABLE

Hamilton™ Double Pore Combination pH Electrode

DOUBLE POREoperating temperature 0°C to 60°C 35mm x6mm pH 0

Mettler Toledo™ Pepsin-HCl Cleaning Solution

Removes protein contamination from the diaphragm of pH electrodes. Mettler Toledo™ Pepsin-HCl Cleaning Solution helps maintain electrode performance and should be utilized after measurements and prior to recalibration. Treatment time is about 1 hour. 250 ML PEPSIN-HCL CLEANER 250ML

WTW™ SenTix™ 81 pH Electrode

Use these pH electrodes for portable measurement and routine measurement in the lab. WTW™ SenTix™ 81 pH Electrodes are ideal for applications where reliable measured values are needed under adverse conditions. PH ELECTRODE SENTIX 81 1M CABLE

Fisherbrand™ accumet™ pH/ATC Electrode for AP60 and AP100 Series Meters, Mercury-Free

Combination electrode with built-in ATC probe PH/ATC ELECTRODE REFILLABLE, SINGLE-JUnction epoxy body for AP100 series portable meters

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 9110DJWP Double Junction pH Electrode

Measure samples as small as 0.2mL using the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 9110DJWP Double Junction pH Electrode. PH ELECTRODE ORION SEMI-MICROtip ceramic junction glass body, Ag/AgCl Double

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 9810BN Micro pH Electrode

Measure pH as low as 0.5μL samples in gels or micro containers with this small-tipped glass combination electrode for pH measurements in micro volume samples. GLASS MICRO-PH COMB ELEC/12 CM

Fisherbrand™ ORP Electrode with BNC Epoxy Body

With a BNC Epoxy Body, this ORP electrode is ideal for use in most laboratory and other environments. ORP electrode Fisherbrand 1m cable with BNCepoxy body 12mm x 120mm

SI Analytics™ IoLine pH Combination Electrode

Possess the advantage of a much lower temperature sensitivity and a metal ion free reference system. SI Analytics™ IoLine pH Combination Electrode is for the most demanding measurement tasks. ELECTRODE IOLINE PH/TEMP

Mettler Toledo™ EasyDirect™ pH PC Software

For use with SevenCompact™ Duo S213 pH/Conductivity Meter. EasyDirect pH Software License Key

WTW™ SenTix™ ORP Electrodes

Different metal electrodes to adapt to measured substance, Platinum ORP electrodes are suitable for the most varied applications: strongly oxidizing solutions, argentometry and much more. ORP ELECTRODE SENTIX ORP

WTW™ Flow-through Vessel for WTW™ TetraCon™ 325

Flow vessels for WTW conductivity measuring cells are perfectly designed to perform measurements without the interference of carbon dioxide through the air or to examine the conductivity of solutions in closed circuits.The overpressure in the system must not exceed 0.5 bar. FLOW-THRU CELL KIT

Mettler Toledo™ Expert Series pH and pH/ATC Combination Electrodes

Ideal for critical samples such as suspensions or samples of unknown composition. Mettler Toledo Expert Series pH and pH/ATC Combination Electrodes with open junction puts the reference electrode in direct contact with the measured medium, eliminating the possibility of contamination or blockage. ELECTRODE INLAB EXPERT PT1000 PH-COMBINATION OPENjunction PEEK 120mm length x 12mm dia 0to 14pH, 0