Chromatography Columns and Cartridges

Thermo Scientific™ ProPac™ WCX-10 LC Columns

Separate proteins and their variants using these weak cation-exchange columns with exceptionally high resolution. X3 HPLC column Thermo Scientific Dionex ProPac(R)

Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ PepMap™ 100 C18 LC Columns

Feature high loading capacity for exceptional suitability in the analysis of low abundant peptides in complex proteomics samples. Column PepMap(TM) RSLC C18 nanoViper 2µm particlesize, 50µm I.D., 150mm length

Thermo Scientific™ MAbPac™ HIC-Butyl HPLC Columns

Separate monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) with excellent biocompatibility, low carryover and high resolution. X2 MAbPac HIC-Butyl, Grd Cart 4.6x10 mm 5µm

Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ TR-Wax GC Columns

Analyze a wide range of polar compounds with this low-bleed, general purpose, high polarity GC column. TRACE TR-WAX GC COLUMN 10M 0.1MM

Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil™ ODS C18 Columns

Choose Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil™ ODS C18 HPLC Columns for a general purpose C18 phase to use in a broad range of applications. 125X2.1MM 3µM HYPERSIL ODS

Thermo Scientific™ Hypercarb™ Porous Graphitic Carbon LC Columns

Offer 100% porous graphitic carbon for extended separation capabilities with Thermo Scientific™ Hypercarb™ Porous Graphitic Carbon LC Columns. HYPERCARB PREP 100X10MM 5µM

Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ Polar Advantage II LC Columns

Resolve polar and nonpolar compounds in a single run with these enhanced hydrolytic stabile (pH 1.5–10) Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ PolarAdvantage II reversed-phase columns.

ACCL RSLC PA2 2,2µM 3,0X30MM

Thermo Scientific™ Hypercarb™ Drop-in Guard Cartridges

Offer convenience, economy and effective protection for extending column lifetime X4 X2 10X4MM 7UM HYPERCARB GUARD

Grace™ Vydac™ C18 (218TP) HPLC Columns

218TP C18 Column 100x10mm 5um

Macherey Nagel™ Nucleosil™ 100-5 C18 EC Column

Separate mixtures based on hydrophobic (van der Waals) interactions with HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography). Nucleosil™ 100-5 C18 EC Columns come in a variety of internal diameters and lengths. EC HPLC column EC 250/4 NUCLEOSIL 100-5 C18 length: 250 mm, ID: 4 mm

Grace™ Alltech™ Apollo™ Columns

Easy scale–up from analytical to preparative Apollo Phenyl Column 250x4.6mm 5um

Grace™ Alltech™ Vydac™ 214TP C4 Column

A polymerically bonded endcapped n-butyl reversed-phase based on 300Å TP silica HPLC COLUMNC VYDAC 214TP C4 250X2.1MM 5UM

Thermo Scientific™ Accucore™ Phenyl-Hexyl LC Columns

Offer unique selectivity for aromatic and moderately polar analytes with Accucore Phenyl-Hexyl LC Columns. ACCUCORE 2.6µM PHEN-HEX 150X2.1MM

Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil GOLD™ C18 Selectivity LC Columns

Achieve exceptional peak shape and resolution for your HPLC and LC/MS applications with these endcapped, ultrapure, silica-based columns.

X3 HPLC column Hypersil GOLD

Thermo Scientific™ BetaSil™ C18 Columns, 5μm Particle Size

High surface area with high bonded phase coverage 50X3MM 5µM BETASIL C18

Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil™ APS-2 HPLC Columns, 5µm Particle Size

Analyze sugars with this versatile amino propyl phase of Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil™ APS-2 HPLC Columns. 250X4MM 5µM HYPERSIL APS-2

Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ Trinity Q1 LC Columns

Simultaneously separate the herbicides diquat and paraquat with Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ Trinity Q1 LC Columns. Acclaim Trinity Q1, 3µm,2.1X100mm

Acclaim™ 5μm PepMap™ 100 Nano-Trap Columns

High loading capacity for exceptional suitability in the analysis of low abundant peptides in complex proteomics samples. X2 NANO PM100 C18 5µM,2X10MM

Grace™ Alltech™ Prevail™ Organic Acid, Amide, Carbohydrate ES Columns, 5μm Particle Size

Separate common organic acids with an unsurpassed combination of resolution, speed, sensitivity, and simplicity Prevail Organic Acid Col. 150x4.6mm 5um

Grace™ Vydac™ 219TP Diphenyl HPLC Column

A polymerically bonded endcapped diphenyl reversed-phase based on 300Å TP silica 219TP Diphenyl Col. 250x4.6mm 5um

Macherey Nagel™ Optima™ WAX GC Capillary Column

Capillary column OPTIMA WAX ID: 0.32 mm, film thickness: 0.5 µm length: 50 m,

Thermo Scientific™ MAbPac™ RP LC Columns

Get higher resolution using reversed-phase conditions when separating and characterizing monoclonal antibodies by HPLC and LC/MS.

MAbPac RP, Analytical 4 µm, 2.1 x 100 mm

Thermo Scientific™ ProPac™ SAX-10 LC Columns

Use ProPac™ SAX-10 LC Columns for exceptionally high resolution and efficiency when separating protein variants.


Thermo Scientific™ BioBasic™ SEC 60A HPLC Columns

Outstanding size separation of water soluble compounds 150X4.6MM 5µM BIOBAS SEC60

Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil GOLD™ Phenyl LC Columns

Get excellent retention and unique selectivity for aromatic and moderately polar analytes with Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil GOLD™ Phenyl reversed phase HPLC columns. 250X3MM 5µM HYPERSIL GOLD PHENYL

Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil GOLD™ SAX LC Columns

Analyze smaller organic molecules, including nucleotides and organic acids, quickly and efficiently with Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil™ GOLD SAX LC Columns. HYPERSIL GOLD SAX 100X3MM 5µM

Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil™ APS-2 Columns, 3μm and 5μm Particle Size

Versatile amino propyl phase with excellent chromatographic properties in three modes: weak anion exchange, reversed phase and normal phase 100X4.6MM 3µM HYPERSIL APS-2

Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ C30 Reversed-Phase LC Columns, 3μm Particle Size

Combine advanced surface modification technology and careful matching of C30 alkyl chain with the pore size of the silica substrate Column Acclaim(R) C30 3µm particle size, 3.0mm

Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ GC Columns for Dioxin and PCB Analysis

Analyze dioxins and PCBs with high-resolution GC/MS for unsurpassed performance and reproducibility. TRACE TR-DIOXIN 5MS 30M X 0.25MMID