PCR und qPCR

Applied Biosystems™ Region of Interest (ROI) and Background Plates, 384-well

Region-of-Interest (ROI) and Background Plates are used to maintain the ViiA™ 7, QuantStudio™ 5, QuantStudio™ 6, QuantStudio™ 7 & QuantStudio™ 12K Flex real-time PCR systems. X2 Region of Interest (ROI) Background Plates,384-well

Invitrogen™ Platinum™ Taq DNA Polymerase High Fidelity

Ideal for amplification of DNA fragments when high yields and robust amplification are required Platinum Taq DNA Polymerase High Fidelity, 500reactions

Invitrogen™ SDS, 10% Solution

Ready-to-use, certified RNase-free SDS, 10% sol., 1000 ml

Fisherbrand™ Trockenblockerhitzer

Gives accurate temperature control to 100°C in an ultra compact footprint. Fisherbrand™ Mini Digital Block Heaters have a temperature range of: ambient 5° to 100°C, in 0.1° increments.

Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ OpenArray™ RT PCR, Inventoried Format 168 QuantStudio™ 12K Flex

TaqMan™ OpenArray™ RT PCR, Inventoried Format 168 QuantStudio™ 12K Flex TaqMan OpenArray RT PCR Inventoried Format 168 QuaQuantStudio 12K Flex, each

Applied Biosystems™ RapidFinder™ STEC Screening Assay


Applied Biosystems™ Veriti™ Dx 96-well Fast Thermal Cycler, 0.1mL

Designed for in vitro diagnostic PCR use VERITI DX 96W FAST THERM CYCLR

Thermo Scientific™ RevertAid H Minus Erststrang-cDNA-Synthesekit

Perform efficient synthesis of first strand cDNA from RNA templates with this complete synthesis system. REVERTAID H MINUS KIT 100 RXN

Thermo Scientific™ Phusion Buffers

Choose between two buffer packs to optimize high-fidelity PCR or difficult or long template amplification using Thermo Scientific™ Phusion™ High-Fidelity DNA Polymerases. Phusion GC Buffer Pack FP=2 x 1.5 ml

Invitrogen™ 10X TBE, Powder

Certified RNase-free, economical, and ready-to-use Ambion® 10X TBE (Tris-Borate-EDTA Buffer),10 pack(ea.cont.powder to make 1 liter)

Corning™ PCR-Röhrchen

Hergestellt aus dünnwandigem Polypropylen und für präzisen Sitz in Heizblöcken konzipiert, damit der Wärmetransfer optimiert wird. Corning™ PCR-Röhrchen widerstehen Kräften bis 10,000 x g. X1000 Thermowell-PCR- Reaktionsgefäße, 0.5 ml,unsteril, PP, autoklavierbar, VE=1000

Invitrogen™ Guanidine Thiocyanate

Recommended for RNA isolation Guanidine Thiocyanate, 500 g

Eppendorf™ Mastercycler™ Nexus SX1

Mastercycler nexus SX1, 230 V

Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Universal PCR Master Mix

Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Universal PCR Master Mix is the ideal reagent solution when you need a Master Mix for multiple 5' nuclease DNA applications. TaqMan® Universal PCR Master Mix, 10-Pack (10 x 5ml), 2000 reactions

Invitrogen™ Platinum™ Tfi DNA Polymerase

Platinum™ Tfi DNA Polymerase Platinum Tfi DNA Polymerase, 500 units

Thermo Scientific™ Transposon Products

Transposon-based tools for functional analysis of proteins. MUA TRANSPOSASE 20 µL

Thermo Scientific™ Röhrchenstreifen und -deckel mit niedrigem Profil

Low profile strip tubes for PCR and qPCR applications. STRIP 12X0,2ML LP NEUTRAL

Thermo Scientific™ Phusion High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase Promotion

Get superior performance for cloning and other applications requiring high fidelity with one of the most accurate thermostable DNA polymerases available. 1 SET PHUSION HIGH-FIDELITY DNA POLYMERASE 100U, (MP 52 PROMO)

Thermo Scientific™ Einzelröhrchen, 0.5 ml

Minimize sample loss with the “snap shut” lids on these individual 0.5mL tubes for PCR applications. 0.5ml Individual Thermo-Tubes - Flat Cap, purple(VE=1000Stck.)

Thermo Scientific™ Maxima Reverse Transkriptase

Increase synthesis rates with Thermo Scientific™ Maxima™ Reverse Transciptase, an advanced enzyme developed through in vitro evolution of M-MuLV RT. MAXIMA RT 200U/UL 4X10000U

Thermo Scientific™ ABgene™ SuperPlate PCR-Platten mit 96 Wells

96-well semi-skirted PCR plates with a flat deck for improved sealing in PCR and qPCR applications. Superplate Skirted, barcoded, white, 25 st.

Fisherbrand™ 0.2 ml-PCR-Röhrchenstreifen

Ideal for use in 0.2mL, 96-well V-bottom thermal cyclers X250 STRIP 8X0,2ML FCAP BLUE

Thermo Scientific™ Armadillo™ 384-Well-PCR-Platten

Optimize high throughput robotic PCR and qPCR applications with these uItra-rigid 384-well PCR plates with poylcarbonate frames and polypropylene wells. X50 PLATE PCR 384 CLR WELLS ORAORA

Fisher BioReagents™ Taq DNA Polymerase

Allows up to 100 cycles of amplification without loss of activity Taq DNA Polymerase (5 x 500 UNITS), 2500UUNITS)

Invitrogen™ Platinum™ Taq DNA Polymerase

Convenient and reliable “hot start” thermostable DNA polymerase for PCR that provides enhanced specificity over that of Taq DNA Polymerase platinum Taq DNA polymerase 600 reactions

Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Mutation Detection Assays


Thermo Scientific™ Röhrchenstreifen, 0.2 ml

Optimize PCR and qPCR with these 0.2 mL strip tubes, available as 8 tubes per strip in several colors or 12 tubes per strip. Strips of 8 Thermo-Tubes & Domed Caps (Red) 10packs of 12

Applied Biosystems™ OpenArray™ 384-well Sample Plates

For use with the QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System. OPENARRAY 384WELL SAMPL PLATES