Keeping Your Delivery on Track

European Distribution Network

Throughout Europe and the UK, the Fisher Scientific channel operates an extensive network of purpose-built warehousing and distribution centres, designed around the safe handling, storage, and transportation of over 2 million products. These products cover a broad portfolio of laboratory equipment, chemicals, supplies, and services used in the biopharma production, scientific research, healthcare, safety, and education markets. They include products manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific as well as our many valued supplier partners.

When storing and transporting products and materials there are significant, non-negotiable requirements: temperature management to protect product integrity, mandated licenses and certifications, systems and processes that conform to regulatory guidelines, and end-to-end security of the supply chain. Our supply chain is continuously evolving to meet these needs and ensure a streamlined, efficient, and reliable service is available to all our customers.

At the Fisher Scientific channel we invest in people, processes, and technology to enable best-in-class logistics solutions. In turn, these solutions provide the capacity and flexibility you need to keep your research on track.

Warehousing and Distribution

Our European Distribution Centres (EDC) are strategically located in Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK providing a broad offering, high service levels, and a low-cost model within 60,000m2 of warehouse space with additional capacity available through partners as needed.

  • Secured sites
  • Managed environments for temperature controlled storage as required
  • Hazardous/chemicals storage
  • Designated areas for quarantined storage
  • Licenses
  • ISO certified

We ensure optimal quality and capacity at our facilities by using advanced automation, including radio frequency technology, and ensure product integrity through best practices including optimal approaches for packaging.

Our team has years of experience handling both domestic and international shipments and, together with our global network of approved preferred carriers, will provide you with an efficient and reliable service. This service is the cornerstone of our program, which is designed to help you get the products you need faster.

Schwerte, Germany

Barcelona, Spain

Illkirch, France

Gothenburg, Sweden

Dublin, Ireland

Loughborough, UK

Milan, Italy


We put customers at the core of our supply chain strategy. Our order confirmation process keeps our customers updated regarding deliveries using state-of-the art advance shipment notifications.

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Our Commitment to Quality and Excellence

As part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science, our strategy is focused on delivering transportation and warehousing expertise to meet your supply chain needs. We are passionate about our commitment to quality and service excellence, and work tirelessly to streamline and continually improve processes using our corporate Practical Process Improvement (PPI) methodology.

We also understand a more tailored approach to logistics may be required. This is why we have set up a dedicated Operational Excellence Team through our SureTRACE+ program.

Our Commitment to Environmental Health and Safety

As part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, we are committed to serving our customers in ethical and sustainable ways, and we actively seek opportunities to reduce the amount of waste generated through our warehousing and distribution operations. For example:

• We are working towards Zero Waste Certification. To date our Illkirch, Gothenburg, Schwerte and Loughborough sites are Zero Waste Certified.

• We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our products through redesigning and minimizing packaging.

• We reuse supplier materials in packaging or recycle them in our facilities.

• We operate our own fleet of new streamline diesel trucks (featuring a more energy-efficient roof design) with Track & Trace satellite navigation.

• We have added LED illumination to warehouse areas.

• We are able to raise awareness of products that offer a more sustainable alternative through our Greener Choice program.