Dissection Equipment

Epredia™ Shandon™ Cartilage Curved Thumb Forceps, Curved, Fine Point, standard, 5 in. (12.7cm)

Choose 5″ (12.7cm) cartilage thumb forceps with curved arms and fine points for quality and precision.

Epredia™ Shandon™ Straight Sharp/Sharp Dissecting Scissors, standard, 4.5 in. (11.4cm)

Epredia™ ShandonStraight Sharp/Sharp Dissecting Scissors are available in Premium and Standard grades.

Epredia™ Shandon™ Cartilage Straight Thumb Forceps, Straight, Standard, 5 in. (12.7cm)

Choose 5″ (12.7cm) cartilage thumb forceps with straight arms and fine points for quality and precision.

Epredia™ Shandon™ Straight Blunt/Blunt Dissecting Scissors, standard, 6.5 in. (16.5cm)

Epredia™ Shandon Straight Blunt/Blunt Dissecting Scissors are available in Premium and Standard grades.

Fisherbrand™ Aluminum Dissecting Pan

Fisherbrand Aluminum Dissecting Pan is a major tool used in dissection across the globe.

Epredia™ Shandon™ Stainless-Steel Deep Instrument Trays, 18.1x 12.4 x 2.4 in. (L x W x D) (46 x 31.4 x 6cm)

Epredia™ Shandon Stainless-Steel Deep Instrument Trays are available in three sizes.

Nickel Electro™ Aluminum Dissection Dishes

Hold small specimens while transporting. Nickel Electro™ Aluminum Dissecting Dish is useful for working with and transporting small specimens.

Polypropylene Cutting Board

Made of non-absorbent polypropylene and easy to clean

Epredia™ Shandon™ Rachiotome, Edge: 1.5 in. (3.8cm), standard, 6.75 in. (17.2cm)

Safely access the spinal canal without damaging tissue with the Epredia™ Shandon™ Rachiotome, 6.75″ (17.2cm) in length, featuring a 1.5″ (3.8cm) edge.

Epredia™ Shandon™ Instrument Case

Epredia™ Shandon Instrument Case is available as a complete kit or case only.

Alfa Aesar™ PTFE Tweezers-Forceps

Totally inert and non-contaminating

Simport™ Scientific DissecTable™ Board Base

This heavy-duty base is used to elevate the DissecTable™ Board to the right height, making dissecting more comfortable. The bases will not move sideways during the dissecting work and retains excess fluid if necessary.

Epredia™ Shandon™ Plain Bone Shears, Screw Pivot, 1 Spring, standard, 9 in. (22.9cm)

Make precise cuts through tough bone tissue with Epredia™ Shandon™ Plain Bone Shears, featuring a single spring and a screw-pivot.

Epredia™ Richard-Allan Scientific™ Fine Cutting Tool Kit, 5mm

Epredia™ Richard-Allan Scientific™ Fine Cutting Tool Kit is designed to assist with consistency in grossing.

Epredia™ Shandon™ Flexible Probe with Eyelet, 6 in. (15.2cm)

Properly hardened, tempered and passivated, this stainless-steel flexible probe is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

Epredia™ Shandon™ Dissecting Tray for Raised Dissecting Boards, 12x 11 in.

Epredia™ Shandon Dissecting Tray for Raised Dissecting Boards feature ample space for drainage and instruments.

Rogo Sampaic™ Stainless Steel Rochester-Pean Forceps

For clamping larger tissue and vessels for homeostasis. Rogo Sampaic™ Stainless Steel Rochester-Pean Forceps are excellent for general laboratory use.

Epredia™ Coverglass Thumb Forceps, 4.75 in. (12.1cm)

Choose 4.75″ (12.1cm) coverglass thumb forceps for quality and precision.

Rogo Sampaic™ Stainless Steel 12 Piece Dissecting Set

A convenient and comprehensive set of high-quality dissection instruments provided in a handsome black, red-lined zippered case. Rogo Sampaic™ Stainless Steel 12-Piece Dissecting Sets are excellent for dissection, surgical and general laboratory needs.

S Murray™ Stainless Steel Spring Forceps

Use these forceps for applications such as major and minor surgery, post mortem, dissecting and dressing sets. S Murray™ Stainless Steel Spring Forceps comply with the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC, with full traceability maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

Epredia™ Shandon™ Microdissecting Extra Fine Tip Thumb Forceps, Extra Fine Tips, curved, 4.5 in. (11.4cm)

Choose 4.5″ (11.4cm) microdissecting extra fine tip thumb forceps with extra fine tips and curved arms for quality and precision.

S Murray™ Stainless Steel Watchmaker Forceps

Use these forceps for dissection and manipulating slides and cover glasses. S Murray™ Stainless Steel Watchmaker Forceps are made from high grade stainless steel in accordance to the specifications of ISO 7153-1.

Schneider Gerd™ Aluminum Needle Holder

Use this needle holder for dissection applications. Schneider Gerd™ Aluminum Needle Holders feature a plastic handle for a secure grip.

Rogo Sampaic™ 6-Piece Dissecting Set

A 6-piece dissection kit for general laboratory usage.

Epredia™ Shandon™ Blade Removal Instrument, Blade Remover

Safely remove blades from scalpels with the Epredia™ Shandon™ Blade Removal Instrument, crafted from stainless steel.