Knives and Scalpels

Swann Morton™ Carbon Steel Scalpel Blades

Use Swann Morton™ Carbon Steel Scalpel Blades in the operating room for precise cutting and repair. SCALPEL BLADES,C/STEEL,NO.27 VE=100 Stück

Swann Morton™ Carbon Steel Non-sterile Scalpel Blades

Use Swann Morton™ Carbon Steel Non-sterile Scalpel Blades for precise cutting in the operating room. SCALPEL BLADES,C/STEEL NO.25 VE=100 Stück

Chroma Gesellschaft™ Surgical Scalpel Handles

Surgical scalpel handles no.4 VE=1 Stück

Chroma Gesellschaft™ Carbon Steel Scapel Blades

Scalpel Baldes, Disposable BS 2982, CarbonSteel,Blade No. 22a (Pack of 100)

Swann-Morton™ Disposable Scalpel Blade


Fisherbrand™ General-Purpose Lab Knife Set

For slicing rubber tubing, corks, plant samples, and paraffin KNIFE SET HIGH GRADE STEEL CONSTRUCTIOn, 8 handles, 47 blades and aluminium oxide wet/dr

Swann Morton™ Surgical Stainless Steel Scalpel Handles

Surgical scalpel handles no.3 VE=1 Stück

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Sterileware™ Disposable Sterile Sampler Knife

Polystyrene sampler knife featuring a blade that is serrated on one edge and smooth on the other X200 SAMPLING KNIFE,PS

Carl Roth™ Stainless Steel Knife

Messer aus Edelstahl, Klinge L=260mm, GL=380mm

Swann Morton™ Stainless Steel Surgical Scalpels

Use for convenience in user environments: on the ward, in emergency or trauma units or even out in the field with paramedics. Swann Morton™ Stainless Steel Surgical Scalpels come in single peel packs. X10 SCALPEL STERILE DISPOSABLE PLASTIC HANDLE,STAI

Schneider Gerd™ Laboratory Scoop

Use these scoops for a variety of applications. Schneider Gerd™ Laboratory Scoops are available in cast aluminum and stainless steel. Chemikalienschaufel 350x130 mm

Swann Morton™ Sterile Stainless Steel Scalpel Blades, 100-pack

Make repairs using Swann Morton™ Stainless Steel Scalpel Blades. X100 Blade Swann Morton No.21 sterile stainlesssteel (pack of 100)

Bayha™ Carbon Steel Scapel Blades


Ruettgers™ Scapel Blades


Bayha™ Stainless Blade

Scalpel blade type 24 pointed curved

B Braun™ Safety Scalpel Sterile

X10 safety scalpel, sterile, Figure 10

Micronova™ BagCutter Knife

Automatically retractable safety blade guard X50 Bag cutter safety, irradiated

Biochem™ Stainless Steel Scalpel with Handle

Manufactured from stainless steel. BOCHEM™ Stainless Steel Scalpels features a stainless steel or wood handle. Skalpell, rostfrei, Metallgriff, L=150mm

Knife Blade

Apollo blade L 57 mm

Bochem™ Paddle Stirrers

DOUBLE BLADE IMPELLER 50MML=400mm, D=50 mm, Wellendurchmesser 8mm

Swann-Morton™ Carbon Steel Scalpel Blades

Make surgical cuts and repairs using Swann Morton™ Carbon Steel Scalpel Blades in the operating room. X100 SCALPEL BLADES,DISPOSABLE BS2982,CARBON

Martor™ Secunorm Handy

Sicherheits-Karton Messer Handy

Hammacher Instrumente™ Scalpel Handles

Skalpellgriff, Standard, Nr.3, L=125mm

Bochem™ Stainless Steel Laboratory knives

Knife nine-piece titan coated 70 mm

Hammacher Instrumente™ Razor Blade

Rasierklingen, brechbar, (VE=10Stck.)

Bochem™ Stainless Steel Scalpel

Skalpell, rostfrei, Holzgriff, L=150mm