Clamps, Stands and Supports

Brand™ Ground Joint Sleeves

Manufactured from PTFE. BRAND™ Ground Joint Sleeves fit perfectly without a protruding rim to simplify use of joint clips. Greaseless seal will not contaminate sample. Outstanding chemical resistance at operating temperatures from -200 to 260°C. X10 Ground joint sleeve, PTFEfor NS 29/32, thin-walled

Heidolph™ Stand S2 XXL


Fisherbrand™ Rectangular Retort Stand Bases

Excellent for help holding onto bench equipment and glassware. Fisherbrand™ Rectangular Retort Stand Bases are manufactured from blue acrylic finished steel. Retort stand base blue 160 x 100 mm

Duran™ Plastic Hose Connection

Use the Duran™ Plastic Hose Connection to connect laboratory tubing or vacuum systems. Plastic hose connection, complete with screw cap,bent, GL 14

Fisherbrand™ Castaloy™ Three-Prong Extension Clamps

Hold irregular shapes at any angle, surely and safely Fisherbrand 17cm length castaloy three-pong extension clamps

Fisherbrand™ Scaffolding Rods

Provides for sturdy scaffolding construction in the laboratory. Fisherbrand™ Scaffolding Rods are manufactured from a durable aluminum alloy. Rod,aluminium alloy plain 1200mm

Duran™ Glass DG-honed Standard Sockets

X25 DURAN Standard sockets, double, diamond ground, NS

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, B-length for Europe

Inserts between standard ground glass joints to eliminate the use of grease. Fisherbrand™ PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, B-length for Europe is suitable for low or medium vacuum. X10 Fisherbrand PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 60/46

Duran™ Polypropylene Hose Connections

Threaded filter head for use with Duran™ Funnel Filters X100 Plastic hose connection, complete with screwcap, straight, GL 14

Bohlender™ PTFE US Spherical Ground Joint Sleeves

Provides for high-vacuum tight sealing with a low leak rate. Spherical PTFE Sleeve 18 KS X5

Thermo Scientific™ Universal Platform Clamps for MaxQ™ High Performance Orbital Shakers

Secure vessels using Thermo Scientific™ Universal Platform Clamps for MaxQ™ 8000 Shakers. FLASK CLAMP 25ML FOR MAXQ 8000

R&L Enterprises™ Bright Stainless Steel Rods

An excellent option for the construction of retort stands in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ Bright Stainless Steel Rods are durable and corrosion resistant. Rod ss 750x12,5mm

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Tubing Clamps: Maxi Clamp

Includes 12-position ratchet control from full open to complete closure. Bel Art™ SP Scienceware™ Tubing Clamps: Maxi will not distort, rust or corrode. X6 Maxi Plastic Tubing Clamps, for Tubing up to 19

Duran™ Glass Sanded Finish Standard Sockets

X50 Standard sockets, double, finished, NS 18.8/26

Bohlender™ PTFE Sleeves

PTFE-Griffbund-Hülse, NS 85/55

R&L Enterprises™ Retort Stand Clamps

Enables articles from 2 to 90mm in diameter to be clamped securely. R&L Enterprises™ Retort Stand Clamps feature aluminum alloy jaws with other parts of plated brass. X5 Heavy charge clamp

Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ Shaker Universal Clamps, Mats and Racks

Mix and match Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ Shaker Universal Clamps, available in a variety of sizes, to suit individual needs in the laboratory. Compatible with MaxQ shaker platforms. 50 ml Flask Clamp

Fisherbrand™ Scaffolding Feet

Provides a stable base for laboratory scaffolding. Fisherbrand™ Scaffolding Feet come with holes for screwing the foot to the bench, floor or wall. X4 Stainless steel scaffold feet

R&L Enterprises™ Zinc Plated Stand Rods

An excellent option for the construction of retort stands in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ Zinc Plated Rods are manufactured from mild steel.
X2 Rods stand zinc plated mild steel length 750mmdia 12.5mm

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polypropylene Pinch Clamp

From completely open to restricted flow to completely closed—experience precise, one-hand regulation of fluid flow with the Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polypropylene Pinch Clamp. Schlauchklemme, 11 mm PP / Acetal VE=12 Stück

Usbeck Laborgeraete™ Galvanized Steel Support Rod for Stand Base

Support your M10 laboratory stand bases with Usbeck Laborgeraete™ Galvanized Steel Support Rod for Stand Base. The rod has an internal diameter of 12mm. Stativstab, Stahl verzinkt, Gewinde M10, Länge500mm, D=12mm

Heidolph™ Telescope Stands

Ideal telescopic stand for easy mounting of overhead stirrers. STAND TELESCOPE

Bohlender™ PTFE EU Spherical Ground Joint Sleeves

Provides for high-vacuum tight sealing with a low leak rate. PTFE-Kugelschliff-Griffbund-Dichtung, S 35

Fisherbrand™ Filter Ring Balance

Designed for use with Welch Ilmvac™ air filters. CENTERING RING FILTRE 25µM NW25Viton-O-Ring DN 25

Fisherbrand™ Flask Clamp for Shaking Incubators

Fisherbrand™ Flask Clamp is designed to be used with a shaking incubator and can hold a variety of flask sizes. MAGic Clamp Magnetic clamp, 1000ml Erlenmeyer

Fisherbrand™ Tight-Seal™ Clamp Assortment

Kit ensures that proper size is always handy X65 HOSE/TUBING CLAMP ASSORTMENT

Fisherbrand™ Circular Vinyl Coated Lead Rings

Stabilize vessels and labware without scratching or marking them. Fisherbrand™ Vinyl Coated Lead Ring feature a soft coating around O-shaped lead rings. Available in four sizes to accommodate a variety of flask sizes. COVERED LEAD RING WEIGHT125-500ml Kolben etc., PVC-Beschichtung

Fisherbrand™ Triangular Tripod Stand

Designed to cope with the demands of a modern laboratory. Stand,tripod,steel,triangular 110 x 205mm