Bottle Closures

Duran™ Red PBT Screw Caps with PTFE Protected Seal

Autoclavable. DURAN™ Red PBT Screw Caps with PTFE Protected Seal are used with DURAN™ laboratory glass bottles with DIN thread. X2 Screw cap, GL 14, PBT, red, with PTFE protected seal

Fisherbrand™ Turnover Septum Stoppers

For narrow-aperture containers X10 Rubber cap skirted d12,5mm

Thermo Scientific™ 11mm Autosampler Vial Crimp Caps

Minimize contamination from handling with pre-assembled caps and septa; compatible with most HPLC and GC autosamplers. X100 CRIMP CAP WITH FLUOROPOLYMEr septa aluminium for 11mm crimp top vials (pack

Hirschmann Instruments™ SILICOSEN™ Silicone Stoppers

Excellent for the cultivation of aerobic microorganisms. Hirschmann Instruments™ SILICOSEN™ Silicone Stoppers are specially processed culture plugs with continuous bubbles for preparation, filling and sterilization of culture media. Silikonstopfen, rosa, L17 (VE=10 Stück)

Deutsch Neumann™ Grey Natural Rubber Stoppers

For safe and secure closure of laboratory apparatus. Deutsch Neumann™ Grey Natural Rubber Stoppers are suitable for general use. BOUCHON CAOUTCHOUC 26 / 32 MM H 30

Brand™ EPDM Rubber Conical Gasket

X10 Rubber gasket con. EPDM f.filter funnels and filter flasks, size 22

Duran™ Hose Connection Screw Caps

Used for hose connection, DURAN™ Hose Connection Screw Caps have GL14 thread. X2 Screw Cap GL 18 for hose connection

Kisico™ Screw Caps

Schraubverschluß, DIN 18 schwarz, mit PE-EinlageKISICO , pp

Thermo Scientific™ 8mm Autosampler Inserts

Clear glass or polypropylene inserts for 8mm HPLC and GC autosampler vials are available in a variety of configurations with usable volumes from 125μL to 200μL. X100 INSERTS,100µL WITH BOTTOM SPRING,LV TYPE(PACK OF 100)

Thermo Scientific™ 13mm Autosampler Vial Screw Thread Caps

13mm Screw Thread Caps feature a 13-425 thread finish. Available in an assortment of styles, pre-assembled caps and septa minimize contamination. X500 CAP CHROMACOL SCREW PREFITTED SILICONE/PTFEliner 13mm for VGA-112-705K

GE Healthcare O-ring

Use in aqueous solutions and nearly all organic solvents commonly used in liquid chromatography of macromolecules. GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ O-rings are made of nitrile rubber. X5 O-RING 027.10 X 1.60 NBR

Duran™ PTFE/Silicone Insert

Used for safe transfer of liquid media within a closed and sterile system. DURAN™ PTFE/Silicone Insert is part of a flexible modular system. Insert for screw cap GL 14 3,0 mm

IKA™ O-rings

O-Ring 29x3.5 Pos.5

Deutsch Neumann™ Silicone Rubber Stoppers

For safe and secure closure of laboratory apparatus. Deutsch Neumann™ Silicone Rubber Stoppers are translucent in color. Silicone stopper 47 / 55 mm H 40 mm

Thermo Scientific™ 8mm Autosampler Vial Screw Thread Caps

Available in an variety of styles to match your application. Pre-assembled caps and septa minimize contamination. X100 Caps National 8-425 screw thread polypropylen

Corning™ Disposable Spinner Flask Vent Cap

Designed to fit Corning 500mL, 1L and 3L disposable spinner flasks. X4 vent cap,disposable spinner flask, GL45, individually packaged, Sterile

Thermo Scientific™ PTFE/Silicone Discs

Combine the inertness of a PTFE coating with the resealability of silicone Thermo Scientific™ PTFE/Silicone Discs. X72 Disc Thermo Scientific Tuf-Bond PTFE/silicone

Corning™ Black Phenolic Threaded Screw Caps with PTFE Liners

Made from fabricated specially formulated resin to resist the effects of temperature and steam in autoclaving. Corning™ Black Phenolic Threaded Screw Caps with PTFE Liners provide a highly inert sealing face. X192 cap for glass tube screw cap 20mm ptfe liner

Kimble™ Clear Threaded Screw Top Screw Caps

Use Kimble™ Clear Threaded Screw Top Screw Caps for easy identification of your laboratory vials. Gewinde-Schraubgläser, klar, 10ml, mitSchraubverschluß, 55x20mm (VE=100Stck.)

Wheaton™ White Polypropylene Caps with PTFE-Faced Foamed Polyethylene Liners

Excellent for environmental samples, pharmaceuticals and diagnostic reagents X48 PP/TEFLON CAP 63-400

Gosselin™ Tube Closures

Suitable for different usage of tubes and applications. Gosselin™ Tube Closures are offered in straight, winged, skirted, or screw cap styles and are manufactured from PE plastic.
X1000 Straight plug PE white Ø6.5

Wheaton™ Perforated Aluminum Capsules

Tear-off seals remove completely allowing content to pour from bottle. Wheaton™ Tear-Off Aluminum Seals, Unlined are available in a wide range of sizes and colors.

Duran™ Silicone FEP Coated O Rings

O-RINGS, FEP coated, for flange DN 150, red

Duran™ Aluminum Kapsenberg Caps

X10 Kapsenberg cap, Aluminium for 18 mm neck

Duran™ 2- and 3-Port Screw Cap Pressure Compensation Set

Assembled set for pressure equalization. DURAN™ 2- and 3-Port Screw Cap Pressure Compensation Set allows working with two different tube diameters and pressure equalization. Set for pressure compensation 2 and 3 port screw cap ( incl. 0.2 µm membrane filter)

Menshen™ Polypropylene Screw Caps Wide Neck, Blue

Use Kautex&trade Polypropylene Screw Caps Wide Neck, Blue to top off wide neck bottles used in industry or the laboratory Screw cap, PP, DIN45, blue, forWide neck bottle 100 to 250ml

Kautex™ Blue Polypropylene Screw Closures

Provides tamper evidence with pull-off ring and conical seal. Kautex™ Blue Polypropylene Screw Closures are ribbed for easy grip opening. Tamper-proof screw-cap PP blue for chemicalnarrow-neck bottles 2500 ml

Azpack™ Cotton Wool, Absorbent

Test absorbancy by placing a teaspoon of water in the hollow of a cotton. Azpack™ Cotton Wool, Absorbant is BP quality. 500 GR COTTON WOOL,WHITE ABSORBENT BP QUALITY 3YEAR SHELFLIFE

Witeg™ Polypropylene Screw Caps

Use Witeg™ Polypropylene Screw Caps to keep contents inside.your laboratory bottles. Various colors help you categorize your items. PP-Schraupverschlusskappe, GL80, mit PTFEbeschichteter Dichtung

Greiner Bio-One™ Screw Caps for Polystyrene Roller Bottles

For polystyrene roller bottle. Greiner Bio-One Screw Caps for Polystyrene Roller Bottles are sterile and is free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA. SCHRAUBVERSCHLUß, BLAU, STERIL, FÜR NR. 680, 681,682 (VE=100Stck)