Autoclaving, Sterilization and Lab Washers

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Clear Autoclave Bags

Designed to be strong, pliable, lean and puncture resistant. Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Clear Autoclave Bags withstand high temperatures for autoclaving. X100 BAG AUTOKLAV 310X660MM MAX +140C 100/PK

Synergy Healthcare™ Azo™ Flat Pouches

High quality preformed, heat sealable, peelable sterile barrier packaging. Synergy Healthcare™ Azo™ Flat Pouches are suited to the sterilization of surgical instruments, laboratory equipment or small to medium sized sets using steam or Ethylene Oxide. X2000 Flat Pouch 150 x 320mm (91BOP01530)

Miele Professional™ Insert

Insert E 136 for optimum loading of 56 half petri dishes (for large-capacity washer-disinfectors) E 136 1/1-Einsatz für z.B. 56 Petrihalb- schalenmit 100 mm Durchmesser

Miele Professional™ Accessory large washer-disinfector

Closed plinth UE 30-60/60-78 to raise the machine, 60 cm deep, 60 cm wide UE30-60/60-78, Stainless steel plinth, width 600mm, depth 600mm, height 300mm For G 7883.

Fisherbrand™ Stainless Steel Immersion Basket with Handles

Designed for the complete immersion of items and parts in Fisherbrand™ 112xxx Series Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaners. Choose the Fisherbrand™ Stainless Steel Immersion Basket with Handles designed for the specific ultrasonic cleaner being used. BASKET INT.255 x 115 x H:75 MM FOR CLEANER 5,75 L

Miele™ Einsatz 1/2

E 142 1/2-Einsatz, DIN-Siebschale 0

Miele Professional™ Injector nozzle

Injector nozzles E 352 for the optimum cleaning of the wash items E 352 Injektordüse 6,0 x 220 mm, für In-jektorwagen

Greiner Bio-One™ Disposal Bags

For hygienic disposal of contaminated laboratory items. Greiner Bio-One Disposal Bags are available in polypropylene and polyamide. X500 Disposal bag, PA, 400 400 x 780 mm

Greiner Bio-One™ Polypropylene Clear Disposal Bags

Made of polypropylene foil for sterilization in the steam autoclave. Greiner Bio-One™ is ideal for the hygienic disposal of contaminated laboratory items. X500 PPN AUTOCLAVE BAG 14L

Guennewicht™ Canister key

Canister key 981006 for Neodisher 5l - 20l8503755

Miele™ Insert 1/2 (Illustrated)

E 109 1/2-Einsatz für 21 Bechergläser bis 250 ml

Miele™ Insert 1/2

E 111 1/2-Einsatz für 8 Bechergläser von 600 bis1000 ml

Miele Professional™ Insert

Utensil box UTS for the ideal cleaning of small parts UTS Utensilienkasten

Deutsch Neumann™ Natural Rubber Spatula

'Denit'-Wischer in Spatenform,Natur- kautschuk,rot

Fisherbrand™ Immersion Baskets for Ultrasonic Cleaners

This immersion basket is designed specifically for the Fisherbrand™ 112xx Series Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaners. The fine mesh makes this immersion basket ideal for small items. The extra-long handle makes handling safe and easy. IMMERSION HOSTALEN BASKET DIAMETER x HEIGHT 75 x 50 MM PERFORATED

Fisherbrand™ Tool Holder for Ultrasonic Units

Use this Fisherbrand™ Tool Holder with Fisherbrand™ 112xx Series Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaners. Easily support and handle tools within the ultrasonic cleaner. STAINLESS STEEL BOTTLE HOLDER FOR CLEANERS 2,75 TO 9,4 L

Fisherbrand™ Erlenmeyer Flask Clamps for Ultrasonic Units

Safely and securely attach Erlenmeyer flasks to Fisherbrand™ ultrasonic cleaning units. Fisherbrand™ Erlenmeyer Flask Clamps are manufactured using strong and durable stainless steel for superior stability. CLAMP FOR ERLENMEYER FLASK 1000 ML

Fisherbrand™ Acid Resistant Plastic Tubs for Ultrasonic Cleaners

Provide additional tank protection when using harsh chemical cleaning solutions in the ulstrasonic cleaner. ACID-RESISTANT POLYPROPYLENE TUB+COVER FOR CLEANER 2,75/4,25/5,75 L

Fisherbrand™ Plastic Covers for FB150 and FB112 Series Ultrasonic Cleaners

These plastic covers are designed for the Fisherbrand™ FB150 and Fisherbrand™ 112xx Series Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaners. COVER FOR ULTRASONIC CLEANER 18 L

Fisherbrand™ Grade 926 Sterilization Paper

Used as wrap for medical clothes. X500 Paper wrap Fisherbrand for sterilisation of

Miele™ Insert 1/4

E 103 1/4-Einsatz für ca. 200 Reagenzgl. 12 x 75mm, 6 Fächer, einschl. Deckel A 13

Fisherbrand™ Orange Autoclave Bags without Sterilization Indicator

Impact- and tear-resistant autoclave bags for waste sterilization. Fisherbrand™ Orange Autoclave Bags without Sterilization Indicator are constructed of high-density polyethylene. X100 WASTE BAGS AUTOCLAVABLE PE 610X300 MM

Miele™ Upper Basket/Injector Unit

Oberkorb/Injektor O 187, mit 34 Düsen/Arretierungen, Bestückungshöhe: 170 mm

Fisherbrand™ Grade 925 Sterilization Paper

Used as wrap for medical clothes. X500 PAP AUTOCLAV WHIT 650X650MM

Bottletop Dispenser, Baseline Acid, Fisher Chemical

Bottletop dispenser, baseline acid

Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ Autoclave Bags

Sterilin Autoclave Bags are strong disposable bags with blue biohazard printing specifically designed for contaminated waste disposal in autoclaves or incinerators. X500 autoclavable bag HDPE 406x610mm 121°c max

Miele Professional™ Appliance lid

Appliance lid DE-CS7-78 for the top cover on the machine, 70 cm deep, 90 cm wide DE-CS7-78 Deckel, schräg, Edelstahl, Abm. 900 x700 x 30mm

Miele™ A 2 Cover Net 1/2

A2 Abdecknetz 1/2, 216 x 456 mm 0

Miele Professional™ Insert

Insert E 137 for optimum loading of 56 half petri dishes E137-06 Aufsatz 1/1 für 56 Petriahalbschalen