Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Einweg-Schleifen und -Nadeln

Diese einfach unterscheidbaren Einweg-Schleifen und -Nadeln sind farbcodiert und werden aus ungiftigem (USP Klasse VI) Polystyrol präzisionsgeformt. Impfnadeln, gelb, steril, spitz, L=200 mm VE=1000Stück

Astral™ Inoculation Device System

Economical, disposable inoculation system designed for safety and dependable sterility RHEODYNE 7000 INJECTOR

Brand™ Impföse aus Polystyrol

Permits gentle streaking without damaging the nutrient surface. BRAND™ Polystyrene Inoculation Loops are highly flexible, with loop at one end and needle at the other or loops at both ends. X1000 Impfschlinge mit Nadel, PS, y-sterilis. 1 µl, weiß

Gosselin™ sterile Polystyrol-Impfösen

Constructed of flexible polystyrene for optimum retrieval of an inoculum from a culture. Gosselin™ Sterile Polystyrene Inoculating Loops provide a superior solution for transferring microscopic organisms, inoculum, or streaking. X3000 IMPFOESE PS BLAU STERIL 10µL


Replacement pad for a lightweight and portable inoculating turntable. Cushion replacement for Inoculating turntablenatural rubber Scienceware, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Replica-Plating-Werkzeug und Ersatz-Baumwollsamtquadrate

Utilize a locking ring which secures sterile velveteen squares onto a PVC cylinder for easy control of the plating device Velvetten Squares, steril, 152mm (VE=36)

Sartorius™ Impföse mit Halter

Component of 24002 School Microbiology Kit Impföse mit Halter


Allows even distribution of bacterial cells in Petri dishes from 60 through 100mm dia. DREHTELLER FUER PETRISCHALEN

Carl Roth™ Inoculation Loops

Einmal-Impföse, PS, 10µl, gelb, L=22.7cm(VE=1000Stck.)

WLD Tec™ Sterile Impföse

Impfösen aus Spezial-Edelstahl, Draht D=0,6mm,Öse ID=3mm, (VE=10Stck.)

Hamilton™ Nadel mit Metallansatz


Greiner Bio-One Disposable Inoculating Loops

For use in picking single colonies. Greiner Bio-One Disposable Inoculating Loops are flexible for collection and inoculation. PS-Impfschlinge, blau, 200 mm lang, 10µl

Greiner Bio One™ Sterile Impföse

Transfers inoculum for streaking. Greiner Bio-One™ Sterile Inoculation Loops are ideal for retrieving an inoculum from a culture of microorganisms. PS-Impfschlinge, blau, 200 mm lang, 10µl einzelnverpackt (VE=600Stck.)

Schneider Gerd™ ösendraht 1 m x 0,6 mm chrom-nickel 80/20

Ösendraht 1 m x 0,6 mm chrom-nickel 80/20

Bochem™ Sektionsnadel aus 18/10 Edelstahl

For use with Bochem needle holder Kolle 12000. Bochem™ 18/10 Stainless Steel Dissecting Needle is manufactured from stainless steel. Lanzette 18/8 Stahl, L=100 mm

Hamilton™ X6 HUBLESS NDL (18/**/**)

X6 HUBLESS NDL (18/**/**)

Schneider Gerd™ Impföse aus Nickel-Chrom

Impföse aus Nickel-Crom 80-20 % 10er Pack 70x1,5mm

Greiner Bio One™ Impföse für einfachere Sammlung und Inokulation

Manufactured from polystyrene for strength and flexibility. Greiner Bio-One™ Disposable Inoculation Loops provide easier collection and inocluation, PS-Impfnadel, gelb, 200 mm lang (VE=3000Stck.)

Kartell™ Inoculation Loops and Needles

Manufactured with high impact polystyrene for good dimensional stability. Kartell™ Inoculation Loops and Needles provide a two–in–one sterile disposable tool for inoculation. X8000 Inoculating Loops 1 UL, steril, weiß1Á

Socorex™ Gebogene Eingabekanüle aus Edelstahl

Drenchers, Maul und Nasen Kanülen für Tiere,schräg, 1.6x102mm (VE=2Stck.)

Hecht Karl™ Blutlanzetten Einmalgebrauch, steril, (VE=200Stck. )

Blutlanzetten Einmalgebrauch, steril, (VE=200Stck.

B Braun™ Hypodermic Needle-Pro™ Safety Needle

Limits the risk of needlestick injuries. Hypodermic Needle-Pro™ Safety Needs is used with a simple one-handed technique, keeping the user's hand behind the needle. Provides visual and audible confirmation that the needle is secured. X100 Sicherheitskanülen, Hyperdemic Needle Pro, 25G x 1, 05mm x 25mm, 1 Stk

Greiner Bio-One Disposable Inoculating Needles

For use in picking single colonies. Greiner Bio-One Disposable Inoculating Needles are flexible for collection and inoculation. PS-Impfnadel, gelb, 200 mm lang (VE=2000Stck.)

Schuett Biotec™ Impfösen aus Edelstahl-Spezial-Draht, 3 mm (VE=10Stck.)

Impfösen aus Edelstahl-Spezial-Draht, 3 mm(VE=10Stck.)

BD™ Vacutainer™ Blood Collection Multi-sample Needles

BD Precisionglide-Kanülen VE=100 Stück

Schneider Gerd™ Präpariernadel 10er Pack 70x1 mm

Präpariernadel 10er Pack 70x1 mm