ATAGO™ ATAGO™ digitales Handrefraktometer: PAL-1

Wide measurement range. The Atago Digital Hand-Held Pocket Refractometer, PAL-1 is ideal for measuring almost any fruit juice, food or drink. Digital-Handrefraktometer Typ PAL-1, 0.0 bis 53.

ATAGO™ ATAGO™ digitales Handrefraktometer: PAL-RI

nD 1.3306-1.5284. The ATAGO™ Digital Hand-Held Pocket Refractometer: PAL-RI provides an accuracy of ±0.0003 (water at 20°C). When the start key is pressed after placing some droplets of sample on the prism, the refractive index (resolution 0.0001 ) will be displayed continuously like an electric newsboard. Digitale Handrefraktometer PAL-RI, Messbereich nd1.3306-1.5284

Krüss Optronic™ Digital Handrefraktormeter DR201-95

Digital Handrefraktormeter DR201-95

Reichert™ Tragbare digitale Refraktometer

Big features and performance in a small package Digital-Refraktometer r2 mini, 0,0-62,0% Brix,nD=1,3300-1,4465, 2 Batterien AAA

Atago™ Digtales-Handrefraktometer PR-301plpha, 45.0 bis

Atago™ PR-301α Model Digital Refractometer is designed to cover high concentration of Brix 45.0 to 90.0%. Digtales-Handrefraktometer PR-301plpha, 45.0 bis

ATAGO™ ATAGO™ digitales Handrefraktometer: PAL-α

Useful for measuring most kinds of samples as well as samples that are in the cooking process. The Atago Digital Hand-Held Pocket Refractometer, PAL- α provides a wide brix range of 0-85%. Digitale Handrefraktometer PAL-alpha, Messbereich0,0-85,0 %

Krüss Optronic™ Handrefraktometer HR 10 ohne Temperatur kompensation

Handrefraktometer HR 10 ohne Temperaturkompensation

Mettler Toledo™ Screw plug (external syringe)

Screw plug (external syringe)



Mettler Toledo™ Verschraubung Probenschlauch (für Densito 30) 4473C

Verschraubung Probenschlauch (für Densito 30)4473C

Mettler Toledo™ Refracto 30PX portables Refraktometer, kompl. im Kit

For measurements in laboratory and production environments. Refracto 30PX portables Refraktometer, kompl. imKit

Mettler Toledo™ Koffer f. Densito/Refracto, leer

Koffer f. Densito/Refracto, leer

Mettler Toledo™ Refracto 30GS portables Refraktometer, kompl. im Kit

Offers an extended measuring range due to its special prism design for measurements in laboratory and production environments. Refracto 30GS portables Refraktometer, kompl. imKit

Mettler Toledo™ Probenschlauch mit Unterlegscheibe (für Densito 30)

Probenschlauch mit Unterlegscheibe (für Densito30)

Krüss Optronic™ Handrefraktometer, 0-20 % Brix, 0,2 % Brix Skalenteilung

Handrefraktometer, 0-20 % Brix, 0,2 % BrixSkalenteilung

ATAGO™ ATAGO™ PR-32α digitales Brix-Refraktometer

Covers low-concentration Brix values of fruit juices, other food and beverage products as well as chemicals and industrial liquids. The ATAGO™ PR-32α Digital Brix Refractometer is an upgraded model of the PR-32 with improved measurement accuracy based on the new technology development. Digital -Refraktometer Typ PR-32alpha, 0.0 bis 32.

Bellingham Stanley™ Eclipse Professional tragbares optisches Refraktometer mit Brix-Skala

Manufactured to the highest specification using only the best materials and optical components. Bellingham + Stanley™ Eclipse Hand Held Refractometer is a low-cost, portable instrument used for on-the-spot determination of Refractive Index of liquids or the concentration of solutions. HANDREFRAKTOMETER ND 1,33-1,42

Krüss Optronic™ Glas-Abdeckplatten für Polarimeterröhre (VE=2Stck. )

Glas-Abdeckplatten für Polarimeterröhre (VE=2Stck.

Krüss Optronic™ Ersatz-Halogenlampe, 15V/150W, für KL5125 (VE=2Stck.)

Ersatz-Halogenlampe, 15V/150W, für KL5125(VE=2Stck.)

Reichert™ Rhino Handrefraktometer, extrem robust, für Flüssigkeitsuntersuchungen im Automobil-Bereich

Duo-Chek models test engine coolant and battery charge in factory and field use—fully IP67 water rresistant, dustproof, and impact resistant Refractometer Reichert Rhino DC70 handheld polycar

Reichert™ Reichert Abbe Mark III, 1.3000 - 1.7000 nD

Manual refractometer with computerized interpretation and data handling Reichert Abbe Mark III, 1.3000 - 1.7000 nD

Technico™ Taschenrefraktometer

Handrefraktometer, DIGIT-015 0.0-15.0% Brix

Bellingham Stanley™ refractometer RFM970-T

Designed for applications within the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, flavors and fragrance industries as well as academic research. Bellingham Stanley™ RFM970-T Peltier Temperature Controlled Refractometers feature a wide measuring range and new 7 in. touchscreen user interface. refractometer RFM970-T

Medline™ Handrefraktometer DIGIT-032 ATC, 0.0-32.0% Brix

Handrefraktometer DIGIT-032 ATC, 0.0-32.0% Brix