Deutsch Neumann™ Pipettenball aus Naturkautschuk

Excellent for use with Pasteur pipettes. Deutsch Neumann™ Bulbs for Smaller Pipettes are manufactured from natural rubber.
X100 Pipettensauger,Naturkautschuk,Latex,transparent

Eppendorf™ Multipette™ M4 Dispenser mit Halter

Use this pipette for viscous or foaming solutions and liquids with high vapor pressure through positive displacement principle. Eppendorf™ Multipette™ M4 Dispenser with Holder is the perfect instrument for completing long pipetting series. Multipette M4, inkl. Halterung für Wand oder

Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette Stepper-Pipette

Schnelles Dispensieren mit bis zu 45 Wiederholungen in Folge ohne Nachfüllen. Diese leichte und einfach zu bedienende Repetierpipette ist für das einhändige Dispensieren ausgelegt. FINNPIPETTE STEPPER

Brand™ Adapter für PD-Tips 25 und 50 ml, PP ß-steril, SAL 10EXP-6,(VE=5Stck.)

Adapter für PD-Tips 25 und 50 ml, PP ß-steril,SAL 10EXP-6,(VE=5Stck.)

Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ F2 Mehrkanalpipetten

Diese Pipetten gewährleisten Genauigkeit und Präzision aufgrund des AVG-Mechanismus (Advanced Volume Gearing), eines unabhängigen modularen Volumeneinstellmechanismus für optimale Leistung. Finnpipette F2 8-channel 10-100 µl, CE marked

Eppendorf™ Batterie für Multipette Stream und Xstream

Use this battery to charge Eppendorf™ Multipette E3/E3x and Multipette stream/Xstream electronic dispensers. Akku für Multipette Stream

Eppendorf™ Silikonfett, Tube 45 g

Grease pistons when pipette has become extremely dirty. Eppendorf™ Grease is available in 45g tubes, for use with a variety of pipettes. Silikonfett, Tube 45 g

Eppendorf™ Siliconfett, Tube 1 g

Grease pistons when pipette has become extremely dirty. Eppendorf™ Special Grease is available in a 1 gram, non-resealable plastic pouch, for use with a variety of pipettes. Siliconfett, Tube 1 g

Gilson™ Wartungs-Kit für Pipetman™

Manufactured by Gilson™. Gilson™ Maintenance Kit for Pipetman™ are guaranteed to deliver value and assure reliability and precision. Wartungskit,1 Schaft, 3-O-Ringe, 3PTFE-dichtungen, für Pipetman P20

Gilson™ PIPETMAN Classic™ Pipetten

Includes “dry seal” technology for air-tightness. Gilson™ PIPETMAN Classic™ Pipets are individually calibrated and delivered with a performance check report. Pipetman P5000, 1-5ml

Gilson™ Zubehör für PIPETMAN™ Komplett-Pipettiersystem – Carrousel™ Pipettenständer

Convenient rotating stand holds upto seven single and multichannel Gilson pipets Gilson Pipettenständer PS 7 Karussel für 7 GilsonPipetten

Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ F2 Pipette mit variablem Volumen

Eliminieren Sie mögliche Auswirkungen der Handwärme auf die Genauigkeit Ihrer Pipette mit dem thermisch isolierten AVG-Mechanismus. Finnpipette EXCHANGE F2 0.2-2 ul micro

Eppendorf™ Eppendorf Xplorer 12x50-1200μL , grüner Kippschalter

Designed to aspirate and dispense liquid volumes from 0.5µL to 10mL while eliminating many of potential error risks associated with manual pipetting. Eppendorf™ Xplorer™ 12-Channel Electronic Pipettes feature intuitive operating concept and ergonomic design. Eppendorf Xplorer 12x50-1200µL ,grüner Kippschalter

Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ F2 GLP-Kits

Mit den hochleistungsfähigen Finnpipette F2 Pipetten, die hohe Zuverlässigkeit und Komfort bieten, enthalten diese umfassenden Kits alles, was man zum Pipettieren braucht. FINNPIPETTE F2 GLP-KIT 3

Eppendorf™ Auswerferbuchsen

Extract liquids from long vessels with these ejector sleeves. Abwurfhülse 1000µl

Fisherbrand™ Elite™ Pipetten mit variablem Volumen

Extremely low plunger forces work longer without fatigue and reduce the risk of RSI. Fisherbrand Elite Pipette 0.5-5ulMikroliterpipette (VE=1)

Eppendorf™ PICASO Software-Paket 2.2.104

PICASO Software-Paket 2.2.104

Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ L Fixed Pipets

New, lightweight fixed volume pipet with low forces and high reproducibility pipetman L fixed volume F200L

Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ L mechanische Pipetten

Combines the legendary robustness of the PIPETMAN Classic™ with a newly designed body and state-of-the-art internal mechanism to offer the superior comfort and accuracy. Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ L Mechanical Pipets are available in 8 single channel models covering the volume range of 0.2μL to 10mL. PIPETMAN L P2L, PLASTIC EJECTOR (VE=1)

Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ L Multichannel Pipets

New, lightweight multichannel pipet with lockable volume that has been designed to fit naturally in your hand. PIPETMAN L, 12-Kanalpipette, 2-20 µl, manuell

Bel-Art™ Mehrfach-Vaccu-Pette/96, max. 35ml (ohne Spritze) DEVICE

Aspirate or dispense 96 wells in less than 10 seconds, speeding up repetitive washing or dispensing Mehrfach-Vaccu-Pette/96, max. 35ml (ohne Spritze)DEVICE

Gilson™ PIPETMAN Neo Mehrkanalpipetten

Offers an excellent compromise between comfort and target precision. Gilson™ PIPETMAN Neo™ Multichannel Pipets are designed to apply equal pressure on each piston to ensure consistent volume levels across all channels. PIPETMAN NEO 8X20-200µL8X200µL

Gilson™ MICROMAN™ Direktverdrängungspipetten

Ensures accuracy and precision when pipetting problem liquids, and offers full protection against cross contamination. Gilson™ MICROMAN™ Positive-Displacement Pipets are 3 to 4 times better than an air displacement pipet when pipetting viscous or volatile liquids. MICROMAN M25, 3 tot 25µl (F148002)

Integra Biosciences™ VACUBOY Handoperator, ohne Zubehör, inkl. mit Gummi-Adapter für Pasteur-Pipette,

Convert any vacuum source into a user-friendly aspiration system. Integra Biosciences™ Vacuboy™ Hand Operators are versatile aspiration tools for aspirating liquids from virtually all laboratory vessels. VACUBOY Handoperator, ohne Zubehör, inkl.

Socorex™ Acura manual 835 Makropipetten

Makropipette Acura 835 0,2-2 ml5GR

VistaLab Technologies™ Dichtungskits

Contain lubricant, allen wrench, seals and instructions SEAL KIT OVATION 100UL(VE=1)

Integra Biosciences™ Vacusafe™ Comfort Absaugsystem

Collect and contain biological liquid waste.  Integra Biosciences™ Vacusafe™ Comfort Aspiration system is a compact laboratory aspiration system. Vacusafe comfort plus, PP-Flasche, mit Niv.Det./Schellkupplungen

Integra Biosciences™ Pipettenhalter mit O-Ring, grau, für Pipetboy acu grün, blau, rot, violett

Pipettenhalter mit O-Ring, grau, für Pipetboy acugrün, blau, rot, violett

Eppendorf™ Reference™ 2 Einkanalpipetten mit Fixvolumen

Proven premium precision and accuracy, a long service life, and an ergonomic design Reference2 fixed 50ul yellow