Fisherbrand™ Fisher Scientific™ Mini-Vortexmischer

Accepts tubes and vessels of all sizes. Fisherbrand™ Mini Vortex Mixer is an extremely compact vortex mixer with a horizontally circular, orbital mixing motion. VORTEX MIXER, FIXED 2800RPM, 4.5MM ORBIT

Fisherbrand™ Mischer, Vortex

Offers excellent flexibility and versatility and provides stable mixing at high speeds. Fisherbrand™ ZX3 Vortex Mixer can be connected to many platforms and accessories which are easily attached and securely fitted with simple pressure. ZX3 VORTEX MIXER 100-240V/50-60HZ, 3000 U/MIN

Fisherbrand™ Microplate Vortex Mixer Analogue 230V.Continuous d

Designed for continuous duty. Fisherbrand™ Analog Microplate Vortex Mixer with high speed and small orbit is optimal for effectively mixing contents of microplates. Microplate Vortex Mixer Analogue 230V.Continuous duty, 3.5mm orbit, 300-2500rpm

Fisherbrand™ Vortex Mixer Fisherbrand, Drehzahl 500-2800 U/min .

Vortex Mixer Fisherbrand, Drehzahl 500-2800 U/min

Scientific Industries SI™ POP-OFF CUP

Fits the Vortex-Genie family of mixers. Scientific Industries SI™ Pop-off Cup works with vortexing and mixing in single tubes. POP-OFF CUP

Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ SA8 Vortex-Mischer mit variabler Drehzahl

Control the mixing speed by selecting from 200rpm for more gentle mixing to 2500rpm for vigorous agitation. Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ Variable Speed SA8 Vortex Mixer provides `touch' on mode and continuous operation simply by pressing a button on the facia. Includes integral retort rod for securing vessels above the vortex action for long-term mixing. VORTEX MIXER, VARIABLE SPEED SA8SA8


Holds samples in place while mixing. Scientific Industries SI™ Multiple Sample Starter Set includes one microtube foam insert and one microplate foam insert that will accommodate either 60 microtubes or one standard footprint microplate. MULTIPLE SAMPLE STARTER SET

Clifton™ Cyclone Vortexmischer

Obtain consistent, rapid, efficient mixing results with the Cyclone mixer that has variable speed control that is far superior to hand shaking. Mixer Cyclone varaible speedcontrol accepts vessel

Eppendorf™ Röhrchenhalter

Gefäßhalter PCR 96 für 96x 0,2ml PCR-Gefäße

Eppendorf™ MixMate™

Mix your samples in seconds, fully and reliably with this mixer. Eppendorf™ MixMate™ is the ideal 3-in-1 mixer for plates, tubes and vortex mixing. This high speed instrument guarantees complete mixing of your samples in seconds. Mixer MixMate f. PCR-Platten/Reaktionsgef. mit 3Gefäßhalter (PCR96/0,5ml/1,5/2,0ml) - EU

Heavy-Duty Vortex Mixer Digital 230V,continuous du

Designed for continuous duty. Fisherbrand Digital Heavy Duty Vortex Mixer features heavy-duty design enables accessories to run throughout the speed range. Heavy-Duty Vortex Mixer Digital 230V,continuous duty,4.9mm orbit, 300-2500rpm

Fisherbrand™ Fisher Scientific™ Gefäßhalter für strapazierfähige Vortexmischer

For use with heavy-duty vortex mixers. Large vessel holder

Thermo Scientific™ MaxiMix™ I Vortex-Mischer

Der kompakte Thermo Scientific MaxiMix I Vortex-Mischer gewährleistet schnelles, gleichförmiges Vermischen im Dauerbetrieb oder im Tipp-Modus. Thermo MaxiMix I Vortex Mixer M16710-33Q** 230 V ** CE **

Thermo Scientific™ Accessories for the LP Vortex Mixer

Optimize flexibility and performance by using Thermo Scientific™ Accessories for LP Vortex Mixers. MICRO PLATE TRAY

Corning™ LSE™ Vortex Mixer Accessory, Processing Heads

Heads allow for processing of larger numbers of tubes Optional head, 3 inch, for processinglarger numbers of tubes

Thermo Scientific™ Zubehör und Ersatzteile für MaxiMix III Wirbelmischer

Das Thermo Scientific-Zubehör für den MaxiMix III Wirbelmischer bietet optimale Flexibilität. Universal holder for a variety of flasks, beakers,bottles, test tub racks

Corning™ Zusätzlicher Aufsatz

Optional head for 4 x 15 mL tubes, heldhorizontally

Thermo Scientific™ LP Vortexmischer

Choose to continuously mix or pulse samples with our low profile vortex mixer. LP VORTEX MXR 120V/US PLUG

Corning™ LSE Digitaler Mikrotiterplattenschüttler

LSE Digital Shaker for 4 microplates,230V, UK Plug

Fisherbrand™ Advanced IR-Wirbelmischer, Zinklegierung und Technopolymer

Automatically starts vibrating when the mixer detects the presence of the test tube. Fisherbrand™ ZX4 IR Vortex Mixer is ideal for mixing a variety of tubes and containers. ZX4 IR VORTEX SCHÜTTLER 100-240V/50-60HZZX4 IR VORTEX SCHÜTTLER 100-240V/50-60HZ

Fisherbrand™ Fisher Scientific™ Mikrotiterplattenhalter für Mikrotiterplatten-Vortexmischer

For use with Heavy-Duty Microplate Vortex Mixers Microplate holder

Fisherbrand™ Fisher Scientific™ Strapazierfähige Vortexmischer

Strong, consistent mixing action for up to 8 microplates with optional accessory attachments. Heavy-Duty Vortex Mixer Analogue 230V,continuous duty,4.9mm orbit, 300-2500rpm

Fisherbrand™ Universal holder cover

For use with heavy-duty vortex mixer. Universal holder cover

Fisherbrand™ Fisher Scientific™ Mikroröhrchenhalter für strapazierfähige Vortexmischer

For use with heavy-duty vortex mixer. Insert-0.5ml microtubes

Corning™ LSE Vortexschüttler

LSE Vortex Mixer with standard tube head230V, UK Plug

Fisher Scientific™ MultiTube Vortexers: Centrifuge Tube Racks

Centrifuge tube racks for Fisherbrand™ MultiTube Vortexers. Accessory foam rack 15ml tubes for multi-tube vortexers

Single tube holder

Designed for hands free mixing. Fisherbrand™ Single Tube Holder magnetically attaches to top of Heavy duty and Microplate vortex mixers for mixing 1 tube at a time. Single tube holder

Fisherbrand™ Infrarot-Wirbelmischer, Zinklegierung und Technopolymer

Detects the presence of the test tube and the instrument automatically starts vibrating. Fisherbrand™ Wizard™ Infrared Vortex Mixer ensures high stability and increased user-comfort. Offers two operating modes as well as the possibility to regulate the speed of vibration. WIZARD VORTEX SCHÜTTLER 100-240V/50-60HZWIZARD VORTEX SCHÜTTLER 100-240V/50-60HZ

Fisherbrand™ Wirbelmischer, Zinklegierung und Technopolymer

Combines the highest performance ratings in terms of speed with excellent reliability and safety. Fisherbrand™ Classic Vortex Mixer includes two operating modes, the possibility to change the vibration frequency, and a wide range of accessories, making this laboratory mixer the ideal solution for a large variety of needs. CLASSIC VORTEX SCHÜTTLER 100-240V/50-60HZCLASSIC VORTEX SCHÜTTLER 100-240V/50-60HZ