Holds samples in place while mixing. Scientific Industries SI™ Multiple Sample Starter Set includes one microtube foam insert and one microplate foam insert that will accommodate either 60 microtubes or one standard footprint microplate. MULTIPLE SAMPLE STARTER SET

Multi-tube vortex mixer analogue 230v

Process up to 50 samples at one time. Fisherbrand™ Analogue Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer features variable speed microprocessor control that provides consistent, uniform mixing action. Multi-tube vortex mixer analogue 230v

Fisherbrand™ Infrarot-Wirbelmischer, Zinklegierung und Technopolymer

Detects the presence of the test tube and the instrument automatically starts vibrating. Fisherbrand™ Wizard™ Infrared Vortex Mixer ensures high stability and increased user-comfort. Offers two operating modes as well as the possibility to regulate the speed of vibration. WIZARD VORTEX SCHÜTTLER 100-240V/50-60HZWIZARD VORTEX SCHÜTTLER 100-240V/50-60HZ

Fisherbrand™ Fisher Scientific™ Mini-Vortexmischer

Accepts tubes and vessels of all sizes. Fisherbrand™ Mini Vortex Mixer is an extremely compact vortex mixer with a horizontally circular, orbital mixing motion. VORTEX MIXER, FIXED 2800RPM, 4.5MM ORBIT

Fisherbrand™ Vortex Mixer Fisherbrand, Drehzahl 500-2800 U/min .

Vortex Mixer Fisherbrand, Drehzahl 500-2800 U/min

Fisherbrand™ Advanced IR-Wirbelmischer, Zinklegierung und Technopolymer

Automatically starts vibrating when the mixer detects the presence of the test tube. Fisherbrand™ ZX4 IR Vortex Mixer is ideal for mixing a variety of tubes and containers. ZX4 IR VORTEX SCHÜTTLER 100-240V/50-60HZZX4 IR VORTEX SCHÜTTLER 100-240V/50-60HZ

Thermo Scientific™ LP Vortexmischer

Choose to continuously mix or pulse samples with our low profile vortex mixer. LP VORTEX MXR 120V/US PLUG

Fisherbrand™ Wirbelmischer, Zinklegierung und Technopolymer

Combines the highest performance ratings in terms of speed with excellent reliability and safety. Fisherbrand™ Classic Vortex Mixer includes two operating modes, the possibility to change the vibration frequency, and a wide range of accessories, making this laboratory mixer the ideal solution for a large variety of needs. CLASSIC VORTEX SCHÜTTLER 100-240V/50-60HZCLASSIC VORTEX SCHÜTTLER 100-240V/50-60HZ

Fisherbrand™ Mischer, Vortex

Offers excellent flexibility and versatility and provides stable mixing at high speeds. Fisherbrand™ ZX3 Vortex Mixer can be connected to many platforms and accessories which are easily attached and securely fitted with simple pressure. ZX3 VORTEX MIXER 100-240V/50-60HZ, 3000 U/MIN

Thermo Scientific™ Accessories for the LP Vortex Mixer

Optimize flexibility and performance by using Thermo Scientific™ Accessories for LP Vortex Mixers. TUBE HOLDER (10MM)

Fisherbrand™ Fisher Scientific™ MultiTube Vortexers: Teströhrchen-Gestelle

Test tube racks for Fisherbrand™ MultiTube Vortexers Accessory foam rack 10mm tubes for multi-tube vortexers

Corning™ LSE Digitaler Mikrotiterplattenschüttler

LSE Digital Shaker for 4 microplates,230V, UK Plug

Fisherbrand™ Fisher Scientific™ Reagenzglashalter für strapazierfähige Vortexmischer

For use with heavy-duty vortex mixer. Insert 15-18 mm tube

Fisherbrand™ Fisher Scientific™ MultiTube Vortexers: Centrifuge Tube Racks

Centrifuge tube racks for Fisherbrand™ MultiTube Vortexers. Accessory foam rack 50ml tubes for multi-tube vortexers

Eppendorf™ Röhrchenhalter

Gefäßhalter PCR 96 für 96x 0,2ml PCR-Gefäße

Eppendorf™ MixMate™

Mix your samples in seconds, fully and reliably with this mixer. Eppendorf™ MixMate™ is the ideal 3-in-1 mixer for plates, tubes and vortex mixing. This high speed instrument guarantees complete mixing of your samples in seconds. Mixer MixMate f. PCR-Platten/Reaktionsgef. mit 3Gefäßhalter (PCR96/0,5ml/1,5/2,0ml) - EU

Fisherbrand™ Universal holder

For use with heavy-duty vortex mixers. Universal holder

Fisherbrand™ Post extension kit for multi-tube vortexers

Post extension kit for Fisherbrand™ MultiTube Vortexers. Post extension kit for multi-tube vortexers

Fisherbrand™ Fisher Scientific™ Gefäßhalter für strapazierfähige Vortexmischer

For use with heavy-duty vortex mixers. Large vessel holder

Microplate Vortex Mixer Analogue 230V.Continuous d

Designed for continuous duty. Fisherbrand™ Analog Microplate Vortex Mixer with high speed and small orbit is optimal for effectively mixing contents of microplates. Microplate Vortex Mixer Analogue 230V.Continuous duty, 3.5mm orbit, 300-2500rpm

Single tube holder

Designed for hands free mixing. Fisherbrand™ Single Tube Holder magnetically attaches to top of Heavy duty and Microplate vortex mixers for mixing 1 tube at a time. Single tube holder

Corning™ LSE™ Vortex Mixer Accessory, Processing Heads

Heads allow for processing of larger numbers of tubes Optional head attachment for 6 x 50 mLtubes

Corning™ Zusätzlicher Aufsatz

Optional head for 4 x 15 mL tubes, heldhorizontally

Fisherbrand™ Fisher Scientific™ Vortexmischer für Mikrotiterplatten

Designed for shaking microplates or tubes for strong, consistent mixing action. Microplate Vortex Mixer Digital 230V.Continuous duty, 3.5mm orbit, 300-2500rpm

Thermo Scientific™ MaxiMix™ I Vortex-Mischer

Der kompakte Thermo Scientific MaxiMix I Vortex-Mischer gewährleistet schnelles, gleichförmiges Vermischen im Dauerbetrieb oder im Tipp-Modus. Thermo MaxiMix I Vortex Mixer M16710-33Q** 230 V ** CE **

Fisherbrand™ microplate holder stack

For use with Microplate Vortex Mixers. microplate holder stack

Thermo Scientific™ Zubehör und Ersatzteile für MaxiMix III Wirbelmischer

Das Thermo Scientific-Zubehör für den MaxiMix III Wirbelmischer bietet optimale Flexibilität. Universal holder for a variety of flasks, beakers,bottles, test tub racks

Corning™ LSE Vortex Mixer with standard tube head 120V

Variable speed mixer provides fast, efficient mixing with minimal vibration LSE Vortex Mixer with standard tube head120V

Fisherbrand™ Tray pad set replacement for multi-tube vortexers

Replacement parts for Fisherbrand™ MultiTube Vortexers. Tray pad set replacement for multi-tube vortexers