Handschuhe, Brillen und Sicherheit

Fisherbrand™ Plissierte Einweg-Baretthauben für grundlegenden Schutz

Bouffant's elastic headband is encapsulated in soft poly thread for great comfort and basic protection X1000 PP Bouffant Cap pleated blue S

3M™ Kopf- / Gesichtsschutz

Suitable for applications that require frequent replacement of the entire headtop assembly, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing or where there is less soiling of the outer fabric. The 3M Versaflo S-Series Head Cover is compatible with many PAPR systems. ABDECKUNG LEICHT WEISS GROESSE M/LM/L

Fisherbrand™ Puder-freie, nicht sterile, extraschützende Nitril-Einweg-Untersuchungshandschuhe

Resists a wide range of chemicals and resistant to puncture.  Fisherbrand™ Disposable Powder-free Non-sterile Extra Protection Nitrile Examination Gloves are latex free. Fisherbrand Purple Nitril Handschuhe, EP, L=300mm,

3M™ White Disposable Protective Coveralls, 4545 Series

Provides PPE Directive Category III, Type 5/6 protection. The Protective Coverall 4545 Series protects against radioactive particles and biological agents and reduce build up of static charge. X20 Coverall 3M(TM) ultra low lint, antistatic,

Thermo Scientific™ National elektronische Bördel- und Entbördelungszangen

Montieren oder entfernen Sie Aluminiumverschlüsse einfach per Knopfdruck. Elektronische Hand-Bördelzange Gen 3, 110-240V, für 13mm

3M™ Feinstaub-Adhäsivmatte 40 Lagen, Materialhöhe: 4mm Farbe: weiss, 45cm breit, 90cm lang VE=6

Feinstaub-Adhäsivmatte 40 Lagen, Materialhöhe: 4mmFarbe: weiss, 45cm breit, 90cm lang VE=6

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Barcode-Scanner

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc Barcode-Scanner mit 'Plug & Play' spielen eine wichtige Rolle bei der Probenverwaltung. Barcode Scanner mit USB-Anschluss

Alfa Aesar™ Waterflame Microwelder Accessory, Torch

For use with Waterflame Microwelder Torch for microwelder

Alfa Aesar™ Waterflame Microwelder Accessory, Cell Assembly

For use with Waterflame Microwelder Cell assembly for model A+ Microwelder 1each

Fisherbrand™ Weiße Einweg-Laborkittel aus Polypropylen für grundlegenden Schutz

Single-use lab coats provide economical, lightweight and breathable protection X30 White PP lab coat 3 pockets size XL

3M™ SMS-Schutzanzug

Use for non-hazardous applications. The Blue Disposable Coveralls, 4500 Series offers Category I protection from polypropylene fabric. X20 Coverall polypropylene fabric 3M blue 3XL

3M™ Accessories and Replacement Parts for Full-Facepiece Respirators: Spectacle Kit

Accessories for full-facepiece respirators Spectacle Kit

Thermo Scientific™ Bördelwerkzeuge, Manuelle Öffnungsszangen, Verschließwerkzeuge und Verschließzangen

Achieve secure, repeatable crimps or remove seals with minimized risk of damage. Crimper 20mm Thermo Scientific

Fisher Scientific™ Hands-Free Standlupen, faltbar

Allow two-handed examination of objects while yielding a sharp, crisp and distinct image ILLUMINATED POCKET MAGNIFIER0.5'

3M™ Protective Coveralls

With a breathable back panel to improve air ventilation and reduce heat build-up. 3M™ Protective Coveralls are manufactured from a high quality laminated material.  X20 Labcoat 3M(TM) protection vs limited liquid

Fisherbrand™ Beta Shield-3-Sided, 1/Cs, MA: CSR-S3

This 3-sided Cleaver Scientific Radiation shield provides protection from Beta radiation. Beta Shield-3-Sided, 1/Cs, MA: CSR-S3

Fisherbrand™ Oberflächenschutzpapier, Klasse 604

Designed to protect laboratory surfaces against hazardous spills. Fisherbrand™ Grade 604 Surface Protection Paper guards against damage from acids, toxic, corrosive and radioactive fluids and impacts. PAPER PROTECTN 604 RL 600X50M

Fisherbrand™ Maximum Protection Disposable Shoe Covers

Spunbound polypropolyene shoe covers protect against dirt, grime and certain dry particulates X300 SPP shoe cover, with thread, blue, universal

3M™ SecureFit™ Augenschutz

Die Bügeldruckverteilungstechnologie verteilt den Druck auf dem Ohr und sorgt für ein angenehmes Tragegefühl SAFETY GLASSES SECUREFIT - CLEAR LENS AS/AF

Thermo Scientific™ National Target Vollkunststoff-Einwegspritzen

Verwenden Sie diese Kunststoff-Einwegspritzen zum Dispensieren kleiner Flüssigkeitsvolumina oder zur Druckfilterung durch unsere Spritzenvorsatzfilter. Einmalspritze, 1ml, Luer-Anschluß VE=100 Stück

3M™ PELTOR™ ProTac™ III Slim Headset Helmet Attached

Helps safeguard against harmful noise, whilst allowing ambient sounds to be heard at a level below 82dB. Slim Headset, black, with helmet attachment 3M PELTOR ProTac III

3M™ SecureFit™ SF600 Series Safety Glasses

Comprised of a semi-rimless lens and fixed-length temple arm. 3M™ SecureFit™ SF600 Series Safety Glasses include an integrated side shield for added protection. SecureFit 600 Safety Glasses, Grey frame, Anti-Scratch, Grey Polarized Lens, SF611AS-EU

3M™ Spare Screen/Peelable Film


Thermo Scientific™ Ersatzkanülen für ESI-Massenspektroskopiesonden

Thermo Scientific™ Ersatzkanülen für ESI-Massenspektroskopiesonden sind für Spritzen mit austauschbaren Kanülen erhältlich. SONDE ESI NDL POUR LCQ XSQ


Featuring sizeable ergonomic working space and a sitting or standing position for unobstructed views; these unqiue Cleaver Scientific cabinets provide a convenient area to carry out work with beta and gamma emitting isotopes with complete all round protection. RADIATION CABINET BETA WORKSTATIONExt dimensions 500 x 570 x 390mm (H x W x D)

ITW Chemische CleanStep™ adhäsive Reinraummatten

Reduce contamination in high traffic areas. ITW Chemische CleanStep™ Adhesive Cleanroom Mats are constructed with either 30 or 60 layers. Each removable sheet has a consistent adhesive coating designed to trap particles and prevent transfer. KLIBBMATTA 46X117 60 LAGERBLÅ FP=4 ITW ALMA

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Drehmomentschlüssel-Adapter für HDPE-Verschlüsse

Genaue Drehmessungen beim Anbringen von Flaschenverschlüssen mit dem Nalgene Drehmomentschlüssel-Adapter für HDPE-Verschlüsse. Adapter zu Drehmomentschlüssel für HDPE-Verschluss 38-415

Thermo Scientific™ Ersatznadeln für GC Spritzen

Thermo Scientific Spritzenersatznadeln sind für Spritzen mit austauschbaren Nadeln erhältlich. GC Ersatznadel for 36520050, 36520051 & 36520055.VE=2 Stück