Thermo Scientific™ Nicht sterile 96-Well Platten mit durchsichtigem C-förmigen Boden für die Immunologie

Führen Sie quantitative und qualitative Festphasen-Immunoassays mit den nicht sterilen 96-Well-Platten durch, die mit verschiedenen Bindungsoberflächen erhältlich sind. Immunoplates Maxisorp C Boden 350 ml MaxiSorpVE=60 Stück mit Zertifikat

Corning™ Unbehandelte 1.536-Well Mikrotiterplatten aus Cycloolefin-Copolymer

X50 Microplate, 1536 Well, COC, White, Not Treatedno Lid, Nonsterile, Bulk

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ MicroWell™ 96-Well-Platten mit transparentem Boden aus Polymer

Erzielen Sie eine optimale Fluoreszenz und Lumineszenz in Zellkultur- und Mikroskopieanwendungen mit diesen 96-Well-Platten mit transparentem Boden aus Polymer. 96 Well Platten, Poly-D-Lysin beschichtet wei~,transp. Boden, Deckel, steril, VE=20

Applied Biosystems™ MicroAmp™ EnduraPlate™ Optical 384-Well Yellow Reaction Plates with Barcode

Ideal solution for work that requires special handling and an even greater degree of durability for use with multi-instrument experiments 384WELL HARDSHELL PLATE YELLOW

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ MicroWell™ 96-Well Mikrotiterplatten aus Polystyrol mit konischem Boden

Vollständige Wiedergewinnung von Probenmaterial mit Platten mit konischem Boden. Die Form des Bodens erleichtert den Pipettenzugang. X160 96-Well Platten, PS, V96, transparent,STERIL

Thermo Scientific™ Transparente Immuno Standardmodule

Für Anwendungen, die Well-zu-Well-Reproduzierbarkeit erfordern, dienen die transparenten Immuno Standardmodule. Hergestellt für Standardausrüstung. Immuno Module, transparent, U16, MaxiSorp,einzeln VE=80 Stück

Corning™ Costar™ 96-Well-Halbflächenplatten

Saves on valuable reagents by reducing the amount of reagent required per well, while retaining the ability to be read in standard microplate readers. Corning™ 96-Well Half Area Microplates are an economical solution for all of your assay diagnostic needs and are available in different colors and treatments. X100 EIA/RIA-Platten,96-well,F,hohe Bindung, ?

Thermo Scientific™ PCR Plate, 96-Well, Low Profile, Skirted, Black Lettering

The Thermo Scientific™ 96-Well Full-Skirted Plates have a low-profile, thin well wall design and are compatible with PCR applications. X25 PCR plate ThermoFast 96 skirted with black

Corning™ X16 96 Well Half Area High Content Imaging Plate

High optical-quality film bottom, black microplates are ideal for performing high content cell-based assays using imaging systems X16 96 Well Half Area High Content Imaging Plate

Applied Biosystems™ MicroAmp™ Fast Optical 96-Well Reaction Plate, 0.1mL

Reduces PCR reaction time from 2 hours to as little as 25 minutes MicroAmp® Fast Optical 96-Well Reaction Platewith Barcode, 0.1 ml, 200 plates

Corning™ Mikrotiterplatten aus Polystyrol

X50 Kovalente EIA-Platten,8-well-Strips,F,

Eppendorf™ 96-Well PCR-Mikrotiterplatten aus Polypropylen mit U-Boden, steril

Pipette, control and recover samples with this polypropylene microplate. Eppendorf™ 96-Well Sterile Polypropylene U-Bottom PCR Microplates are ideal for assays that require high resistance against temperature or solvents. Microplate 96/U-PP, klare Wells, weiß, steril,(VE=240 Platten)

Thermo Scientific™ Armadillo™ 384-Well-PCR-Platten

Optimize high throughput robotic PCR and qPCR applications with these uItra-rigid 384-well PCR plates with poylcarbonate frames and polypropylene wells. X50 PLATE PCR 384 CLR WELLS ORAORA

Corning™ 384-Well-Platten mit niedrigem Flansch und flachem Boden

Manufactured from medical grade polystyrene for strength. Corning™ 384-Well Solid Black or White Polystyrene Microplates are used for florescent and luminescent assays. Lot tested for opacity and low fluorescent/luminescent background. Assay Plate, 384 Well, Low Volume, Black, NBS,Non Sterile (VE=50Stck.)

Applied Biosystems™ MicroAmp™ Optical 384-Well Reaction Plate with Barcode

Designed to provide unmatched temperature accuracy and uniformity for fast, efficient PCR amplification X500 MICROAMP OPTICAL 384-WELL REACTION PLATE (4326270) LITL18 Promotion

Thermo Scientific™ 96-Well Semi-Skirted Plates, Flat Deck

96-well semi-skirted PCR plates with a flat deck for improved sealing in PCR and qPCR applications. Thermo-Fast 96 PCR Detection Plate Mark II purple, 25 plates

Eppendorf™ twin.tec™ 96-Well PCR-Platten

Ideal for extreme applications such as multiple heat sealing twin.tec PCR Plate 96, unskirt. low prof. rot,VE=20 Stück

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ MicroWell™ 96-Well Platten mit transparentem Boden mit Deckglas

Erzielen Sie eine optimale Fluoreszenz und Lumineszenz in Zellkultur- und Mikroskopieanwendungen mit diesen Platten mit transparentem Deckglasboden. 96 Well Platten, schwarz, transparenter GlasbodenVE=30 Stück

Eppendorf™ Sterile 96-Well PCR-Mikrotiterplatten aus Polypropylen mit V-Boden

Microplate 96/V-PP, klare Wells, weiß, steril,(VE=240 Platten)

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ 1.0 und 2.0 ml DeepWell™ Platten mit Shared-Wall-Technologie

Bewahren Sie Proben und Substanzbibliotheken mit Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ 1,3 ml- und 2,0 ml-DeepWell™ Platten mit gemeinsamen Wellwänden auf. X50 Deep well Platte, Gesamtvol. 1.3 ml zyl.Arbeitsvolumen 1,0 ml

Nunc™ TopYield™ Strips

Designed for liquid phase PCR or Immuno-PCR, these microplate strips offer error-free flexibility, well lock into frame for accurate reading and efficient washing. TOPYIELD STRIP

Thermo Scientific™ Voll gerahmte 384-Well-PCR-Platten

Reduce well-to-well variability with 384-Well PCR Plate Full Skirted PCR Plates, thin walled for efficient heat transfer and compatible with most major thermal cyclers. Thermo-Fast 384 PCR Plate (Green) for ABI3730, 50plates

Eppendorf™ 384-Well Mikrotiterplatte aus Polypropylen, V-Boden

Microplate 384/V-PP, weiße Wells, grau, PCR Clean, (VE=240 Platten)

Corning™ UV-Licht-transparente Mikrotiterplatten

Designed with a UV-transparent well bottom for determining protein and nucleic acid concentrations. Corning™ UV-Transparent Microplates allows UV absorbance readings with low background, especially at 260 to 280nm. X25 Plate Corning Life Sciences UV contains inner

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ 384-Well-Mikrotiterplatten aus Polystyrol, Zellkultur, weiß, steril

Eliminate wicking thanks to the rounded square geometry of black and white 384-well plates, optimized for robotics, plate readers and liquid handlers. 384 Well Platten, weiss, VE=100 StückNST

Applied Biosystems™ MicroAmp™ 96-Well Support Base

Designed to hold MicroAmp Reaction Tubes in Tray/Retainer Sets or MicroAmp 48- and 96-Well Plates for convenient use in pre- and post-PCR sample processing FG,96-WELL SUPPORT BASE

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Zellkultur-Multischalen

Reduzieren Sie das Kontaminationsrisiko mit diesen Multischalen, die über einen erhöhten Wellrand und eine spezielle Oberflächenbehandlung verfügen. X10 Multischale, 4-well,rechteckig,PS,Nunclon,transparent, steril, m. Deckel

Corning™ X50 Spheroid Microplate, 96 well, Black, with lid, Ultra-Low Attachment surface sterile

Ultra-low attachment surface enables uniform and reproducible 3D multicellular spheroid formation X50 Spheroid Microplate, 96 well, Black,with lid, Ultra-Low Attachment surface sterile

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ White 384-Well Optical Bottom Plates

Perform luminescence measurements and other microscopic applications with these white microplates, featuring maximum reflection and minimal autoluminescence. 384 Well Platten, weiss, transparenter PS-BodenVE=30 Stück

Corning™ Mikrotiterplatten mit Osteo Assay Surface (Zellkulturoberfläche)

Capable of supporting the functional properties of osteogenic cells. Corning™ Osteo Assay Surface delivers lot-to-lot consistency, translating to reliable and reproducible results in bone cell assays. The surface also offers a consistent and defined alternative to preparing dentine or bone slices, reducing the variability in assay systems and resulting in more predictable assay readouts. Zellkulturplatten, 96 Well, F, klar, PSOsteo Assay Surface, Deckel, steril (VE=4)