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Macherey-Nagel™ Nanacolor™ Röhrchentest

Führen Sie einfache, schnelle Messungen durch. Macherey-Nagel™ Nanocolor™ Röhrentests sind für die automatische Erkennung durch Macherey-Nagel-Photometer mit einem Barcode versehen. Jeder Test enthält genau vordosierte Reagenzien in 16 mm-Küvetten und zusätzliche Reagenzien für einfache Handhabung, hohe Anwendersicherheit und maximale Präzision.

Marke:  Macherey-Nagel™ 985094

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Nanocolor™ tube tests for photometric analysis feature easy handling, making them the first choice for routine, laboratory and process analysis. They are ideally packed in stable boxes with color coded labels, giving all relevant information about the test at one glance. A variety of test kits are available with different measurement ranges for all typical parameters relevant in water and waste water analysis.

  • Easy
    • Colored pictograms as step-by-step instruction
    • Big cuvettes for easy pipetting
    • Barcoded cuvettes for automatic test selection
  • Safe
    • Convenient withdrawal of tubes from the box
    • No contact with chemicals
    • Reactions based on internationally accepted standard methods
  • Reliable
    • Precisely pre-dosed reagents
    • Adequate test for every application
    • Constant high quality from batch to batch


Two steps: Disposing of inorganic carbon (TIC), decomposition of organic carbon (TOC)
Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
DIN, EN, ISO, EPA and APHA standards
10 - 60mg/L C
Photometric determination
10 test tubes TOC 60, 1 test tube with 6mL TOC R0, 1 brown glass bottle with 1g TOC R2, 1 measuring spoon 70mm, 1 test tube with blank value, 2 thermo caps, 10 round stickers
2 hr.
4.0mL (sample without TIC)
Green label
Cuvette tests
Pre-dosed cuvettes
Compatible Macherey-Nagel photometers