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Thermo Scientific™ Multiskan SkyHigh Microplate Spectrophotometer

Thermo Scientific Multiskan SkyHigh Microplate Spectrophotometer is an easy to use instrument for photometric and turbidimetric applications, especially for DNA, RNA and protein analyses, including endpoint, kinetic, and spectral assays. Results are shown on Multiskan SkyHigh models with a large high-resolution touch screen. SkanIt Software is a powerful tool to address the challenging applications.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ A51119600DPC

Additional Details : Weight : 8.50000kg

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Multiskan SkyHigh Microplate Spectrophotometer is a UV/Vis microplate reader designed to be convenient and easy to use for any photometric absorbtion or turbidimetric research applications and especially DNA, RNA and protein analysis. This microplate reader is ideal for multi-user environments where a variety of endpoint, kinetic and spectral assays are performed. Multiskan SkyHigh is available in different configurations. Touchscreen models offer the flexibility to use the system as stand-alone, or together with Thermo Scientific™ SkanIt Software for PC control. A model with a cuvette reading option is also available. For convenient data handling, Multiskan SkyHigh has an option to access to Thermo Fisher Connect and Microsoft OneDrive cloud-based tools.

  • Monochromator-based optical system for free selection of wavelengths from 200 nm to 1000 nm
  • Compatible with 6-48, 96- and 384-well microplates or cuvettes with maximum plate height of 19.5 mm including possible lid
  • Reads µDrop™ and µDrop Duo Plates for micro-volume DNA/RNA and protein analysis
  • Separate optimized measurement modes for absorption and turbidimetric measurements
  • Allows kinetic, spectral, and endpoint measurements for a variety of applications
  • Fast operation: full spectrum of a well is done in less than 10 seconds; typical DNA spectrum can be measured in less than three seconds and a full 96-well microplate is read with one wavelength in 6 seconds
  • Performs onboard shaking and incubation for temperature-critical or cell-based assays
  • Touchscreen models have an easy-to-use interface for stand-alone use, and includes ready-made protocols for UV based nucleic acid and protein quantification as well as colorimetric protein quantification
  • Thermo Fisher Connect or Microsoft OneDrive cloud-based tools allow you to securely store, access, share, and manage your photometric data remotely (touchscreen models)
  • Multiple languages available; choose between English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese (touchscreen models)
  • Setting up of more demanding assays is easy via the powerful and intuitive SkanIt™ Software
    • Multi-instrument software platform compatible with all Thermo Scientific microplate readers
    • Open license software for unlimited installation to multiple computers
    • Research Edition for life sciences; Drug Discovery Edition with features for compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
    • User-interface languages available: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese
    • Searchable SkanIt Cloud Library with ready-to-use protocols including calculations and true application example data
    • Measurement sessions are easy to setup and navigate
    • Intuitive patented Virtual Pipetting Tool assists in defining the plate layout


Multiskan SkyHigh with touchscreen and μDrop Duo Plate
Xenon flash lamp
6-48, 96 and 384 well plates, Thermo Scientific µDrop Plates
SkanIt Software; Open License Software; Multi-Instrument Software
200-1000 nm
0–2.5 Abs, 2% @ 450 nm
1.0% + 0.003 Abs (0–2.0 Abs), 2.0% (2.0–2.5 Abs) @ 450 nm
Linear shaking
10 s from 200 to 1000 nm
44.5 cm
29.5 cm
26.5 cm
10.8 kg
µDrop Duo plate
Touchscreen display and SkanIt PC software
Up to 4 Abs
6-48, 96 and 384 well plates, Thermo Scientific µDrop Plates
< 2.5 nm
1 nm
Ambient + 2°C to 45°C
96-well microplate: 6 seconds (fast mode)384-well microplate: 10 seconds (fast mode)
English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese
17.5 in.
11.6 in
10.4 in.
23.8 lbs
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