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Main benefits

Why Choose the New Lab Start-Up Program?

You Are:

  • Setting up a new lab
  • Expanding or renovating your lab
  • Repurposing your lab
  • Relocating to new premises
  • In receipt of a first time grant
  • Referred by your Account Manager

Our Well-Established Program Includes:

  • Exclusive offers only available to New Lab Start-Up customers
  • New products
  • Free products
  • Checklist
  • Up to 4,000 € worth of NLSU points
  • Tailored packages
  • A dedicated Account Manager

In three steps

How It Works?

Up to 4,000 NLSU Points

How to Use Them?

You have one year from applying to reach the thresholds for NLSU Points and take advantage of our exclusive offers.

Spend 2,000€ to receive 200 NLSU Points.

Spend 10,000€ to receive 500 NLSU Points.

Spend 20,000€ to receive 800 NLSU Points.

Spend 50,000€ to receive 1,000 NLSU Points.

Spend 100,000€ to receive 1,500 NLSU Points.

Hear it from our customers:


“NLSU program provides a single source solution to labs”

“NLSU has significantly eased the burden of establishing the laboratory”

“NLSU program offered very attractive pricing on the equipment and removed the need to obtain competitive quotes”

“We loved the flexibility in choosing any Fisherbrand consumables with the NLSU Points”

Apply Now

Apply Now

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    Q. What is the New Lab Start-Up Program?
    A. This is a program designed to help people setting up a new lab, relocating or renovating their lab, or expanding or repurposing their workspace. Customers who are in receipt of a new grant or funding, are a new customer to Fisher Scientific or have been referred by their Account Manager can receive the support they need along with an ability to source all their products efficiently from one source at very competitive prices.

    Q. What does the New Lab Start-Up Program offer?
    A. In addition to big brand savings across all our portfolio of products and guidance from your dedicated Fisher Scientific Account Manager, the program also offers:

    • Flexibility
    • A package tailored to your needs
    • A comprehensive product range
    • Own manufactured chemicals
    • Free products
    • Dedicated points reward system

    Q. What are the criteria for eligibility for the program?

    A. Individuals must either be:

    • Setting up a new lab
    • Expanding or renovating a lab
    • Moving or relocating
    • Refurbishing or repurposing their workspace
    • In receipt of a new grant or funding
    • A new customer to Fisher Scientific
    • Referred to the program by their Account Manager

    Q. What are the benefits of the New Lab Start-Up program?

    A. Our well-established program includes:

    • Exclusive offers only available to New Lab Start-Up customers
    • New products
    • Free products
    • Up to 4,000€ worth of NLSU points
    • Comprehensive checklist
    • Tailored packages
    • A dedicated Account Manager

    Our NLSU program is designed to offer incentives and benefits to our loyal customers. By actively participating in the program and making purchases with us, you can earn various rewards based on your spending. However, it's important to note that participation is entirely voluntary. If you choose not to participate you will not accrue rewards. We value all our customers and, while we appreciate your support, we do not expect anything beyond your own preferences and choices regarding participation.

    Q. Are there any additional incentives to the New Lab Start-Up program?

    A. Yes. In addition to the NLSU exclusive offers, NLSU enables customers to benefit from a unique points reward system. The more you spend the more points you can activate. You have 1 year to accrue account spend for NLSU points.

    Spend 2,000€ and receive 200 points

    Spend 10,000€ and receive an additional 500 points

    Spend 20,000€ and receive an additional 800 points

    Spend 50,000€ and receive an additional 1,000 points

    Spend 100,000€ and receive an additional 1,500 points

    Making a potential total of 4,000 NLSU points

    Q. How do I find the NLSU exclusive offers?
    A. Simply log into your account on the ‘Your NLSU’ tab on the NLSU homepage.

    Q. I don’t have an account do I need to apply for one first?
    A. No, you can simply apply directly to the NLSU program and we will create an account for you. After the program is finished you can continue to use this account as a standard account.

    Q. Can I use my existing account number as my NLSU account number?
    A. Yes, although you will still need to apply to the NLSU program using the application form. Please ensure to notify us of your existing account number in the application and once your application is processed you can use this account number to take advantage of all the NLSU benefits.

    Q. How do I register for the New Lab Start-Up Program?
    A. Simply fill out the on-line form »
    Please fill out the form as completely as possible otherwise it may delay the process. Fields marked with * are required.

    Q. How can I place an order?
    A. Orders can be placed online. For further support please visit our help and support centre.

    Q. What can I redeem my NLSU points on?
    A. Currently NLSU points can be redeemed on a broad selection of Fisherbrand products in the dedicated NLSU shop.

    Q. How long do I have to redeem my NLSU points?
    A. Once you activate your points you will have 6 months to redeem them.

    Q. How do I redeem/activate my NLSU points?
    A. When your account reaches the required spending threshold you will be able to activate your points directly on your NLSU dashboard. Once activated you will have 6 months to redeem your points in the dedicated NLSU shop. Simply build your basket of products in the NLSU shop and check out.

    Q. How do I know if I am eligible for NLSU points?
    A. You can see your NLSU account spend in your NLSU dashboard, once you meet the required threshold level for points you will see that you can activate your points.

    Q. How do I activate my NLSU points?
    A. You can see the points that qualify for activation directly on your NLSU dashboard. Simply select the activate button and redeem your points in the NLSU shop.

    Q. How can I check my account spend?
    A. Simply login to your NLSU dashboard on the ‘Your NLSU’ tab on the NLSU homepage. You will find your NLSU account spend and other useful information, like how many points you qualify for, how many points you have activated, and how far away you are from the next threshold for points, as well as your qualifying invoice history.

    Q. How long is the New Lab Start-Up Program?
    A. The New Lab Start-Up Program is a 1 year program, during this one year period you can take advantage of all the NLSU benefits. After the year is over your account will remain valid as a standard account.

    Your NLSU

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