Brand™ Autoclavable Disposal Bags

Manufactured from Polypropylene or Polyamide. BRAND™ Autoclavable Disposal Bags are for collecting disposable items after use. Polypropylene bags are autoclavable at 121°C. Polyamide bags are autoclavable at 134°C or can be sterilized with hot air at 180°C X50 Disposal bag, PA length 300mm, width 200mm

Brand™ Wide-mouth Square HDPE Bottles

Manufactured from translucent HDPE. BRAND™ Wide-mouth Square HDPE Bottles save space on tight counters, benches, and cabinets. Tamper-proof polypropylene closure includes sealing cone with press-off retaining ring. Ideal for use as a storage container. Square bottle, PE-HD, wide neck 250ml, GL W 45, screw cap PP

BrandTech™ PLASTIBRAND™ PD-Tip™ Disposable Pipet Tips

Made of HDPE and polypropylene (polypropylene and liquid crystal polymer for 0.1mL size) without lubricants or additives that can contaminate samples. BrandTech™ PLASTIBRAND™ PD-Tip™ Disposable Pipet Tips are automatically recognized by HandyStep™ electronic and AutoRep E. Bio-Cert™ tips are independently certified free from DNA, RNase, ATP, and endotoxin for critical biological applications. X100 PD-Tips S, single wrapped, BIOCERT, IVD1,25ml, piston LCP, cyl. PP, cert.

Brand™ Polystyrene Semi-Micro Cuvette

Constructed of polystyrene and acrylic glass. BRAND™ Polystyrene Semi-Micro Cuvettes provide a clear, clean optical path with indication of optical path orientation. X100 Cuvette, semi-micro, PS, 1.5ml

BRAND™ LDPE Pasteur Pipettes

LDPE Pasteur Pipettes are ideal for aliquots with very good reproducibility of the number of drops per milliliter. X500 Pasteur Pipette LDPE, 3,5ml, 151mm, graduated max. 3,5ml

Brand™ HandyStep™ Electronic Repetitive Pipet

Provides fatigue-free dispensings in a variety of applications. BRAND™ HandyStep™ Electronic Repetitive Pipet with motorized design reduces hand strain and eliminates operator inconsistency. HandyStep electr.incl. charging dock IVD with EUdapter Europe (continental)

Brand™ Natural Rubber Pipet Filler

Manufactured from 100% natural rubber. BRAND™ Natural Rubber Pipet Filler eliminates mouth pipetting and handling of hazardous material. Available in universal, standard, or flip model, with 2 or 3-valve options. Pipette filler, NR, with 2 valvesFlip model,for pip. up to 100ml

BrandTech™ BRAND™ UV-Cuvette Disposable Cuvets

Fit most spectrophotometers without adapters. X100 UV Cuvette Plastibrand disposable macro

BrandTech™ BRAND™ Reagent Reservoirs

Constructed of heavy-gauge polypropylene for long-lasting durability. BrandTech™ BRAND™ Reagent Reservoirs are autoclavable and suitable for all 8- and 12-channel pipetters. Non-sterile version includes lid. X100 Reagent reservoir PP f.multichannel pip. 60ml ster.w/o lid 100 pcs.single wrapp.

BRAND™ BLAUBRAND™ Nageotte Counting Chamber

The area of 100mm² is subdivided into 40 rectangles with an area of 2.5mm² each. This chamber is commonly used for counting cells in the cerebro-spinal fluid, or for counting nematodes. Counting chamber BLAUBRAND Nageotte IVDwithout spring clips, double ruling

Brand™ Polystyrene Petri Dish with Lid

Dishes and lids are assembled robotically to reduce the risk of contamination. X1620 Disposable petri dish, PS, with lidlid dia.55mm overall h. 14mm w/o vent

BrandTech™ BRAND™ Pipet Tips, 50 to 1000uL

Manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner using only high-purity polypropylene, free from oleamide and diHEMDA. BrandTech™ BRAND™ Pipet Tips, 50 to 1000μL are thin-walled for high translucency, easy ejection, and low waste. Graduations provide quick volume assessment. X500 PIPETTE TIP BULK 50-1000UL PP

BRAND™ BLAUBRAND™ Borosilicate Glass Graduated Cylinders

Includes hexagonal glass base for stability. Spout provides easy spill-free pouring. X2 Measuring cylinders, 50 ML high USP50 ML high USP

BrandTech™ PCR 8-Strip Tubes

Manufactured from polypropylene without lubricants or chemical additives that can contaminate reagents and samples. BrandTech™ PCR 8-Strip Tubes are RNase-, DNase-, and DNA-free and are compatible with most 24-, 32-, 96-, and 384-well thermal blocks. Thin, uniform walls ensure consistent, precise thermal transfer for excellent results. X125 PCR-tube strip of 8 thin-walled w/o cap0,2ml, green, PP

BRAND™ Gay-Lussac Calibrated Density Bottle

Borosilicate glass construction. The volume in cm3 is specified to a precision of 3 decimal places. Density bottle Gay-Lussac BB ind.cert. 100ml, calibrated, borosilicate gl. 3.3

Brand™ Self-adhesive Sterilization Indicator Tape

Contains thermo-active pigments. BRAND™ Self-adhesive Sterilization Indicator Tape turns brown after autoclaving. Sterilisation indicator band 19 mm x 50 m

Brand™ Micro-haematocrit Capillary Tubes

Heparinised with sodium heparinate over internal surface. BRAND™ Micro-haematocrit Capillary Tubes coded red for capillary blood. Disposable without calibration mark. X1000 Micro haematocrit capillary, sod.hep.IVD w/o cal. mark i.dia.1,1-1,2mm red code

Brand™ Silberbrand™ Graduated Pipets, Piston Type

Manufactured from AR-GLAS™ Soda-lime glass. BRAND™ Silberbrand™ Graduated Pipets, Piston Type include integrated piston with retaining spring to aid with pipetting. Calibrated to deliver (TD, Ex). High contrast white enamel graduations provide quick and easy volume assessment. Pipette graduated class B glass safety type

Brand™ Soda Lime Glass Pasteur Pipets

Constructed of Soda Lime Glass and complies with ISO 7712 standards. BRAND™ Soda Lime Glass Pasteur Pipets include a long, drawn-out capillary tip which is perfect for transferring small volumes of aqueous solutions. Suction end with constriction for a cotton plug allows filtering of small quantities. X1000 PASTEUR PIPETTE 145MM

Brand™ Polystyrene Macro Cuvettes

Constructed from polystyrene.BRAND™ Polystyrene Macro Cuvettes provide a clear, clean optical path with indication of optical path orientation. X100 MACRO CUVETS

Brand™ Class B Tall Form Measuring Cylinders with Embossed Scale

Manufactured from high-clarity polypropylene and complies with DIN 12681 and ISO 6706. BRAND™ Class B Tall Form Measuring Cylinders with Embossed Scale can withstand exposure up to 80°C without causing permanently exceeded error limits. Embossed scale does not deteriorate with autoclaving. Hexagonal base provides stability and prevents accidental tipping. Integral spout reduces spillage. X5 Grad. cylinder tall form250ml: 2ml PP embossedscale

BRAND™ Oval Shape PTFE Magnetic Stirring Bars

PTFE construction. Ideal for vessels with round bottom, such as a round-bottom flask. X10 Magnetic stirring bar PTFE32x 15mm, oval

BrandTech™ BRAND PLT™ Pipet Leak Testing Unit

Improves process reliability by detecting the smallest leaks in air displacement pipets. BrandTech™ PLT Pipet Leak Testing Unit is pre-programmed for all single and multichannel pipets from 1μL to 10mL. Tester can be used with or without tips. Pipette leak testing unit Germ/Eng/Spanincl. AC adapter 100-240 V/50-60 Hz

Brand™ HDPE Storage Bottles

Storage bottle, PE-HD, wide neck5 l screw cap/carrying handle

BrandTech™ BRAND™ macro™ Pipet Controller Accessories

Allows continued use after years of use. BrandTech™ BRAND™ macro™ Pipet Controller Accessories available for order include Suction Bellows, Valve System, Non-sterile 3μ Membrane Filters, and Silicone Adapters. Adapter support PP macro pip.contr.grey

BrandTech™ Dispensette™ S Analog-adjustable Bottletop Dispensers

The Dispensette™ S Analog Bottletop Dispensers feature a “floating piston” design for low-force operation and no wearing parts. Optimized flow channels make dispensing and priming even easier-particularly in instruments with large volumes. Designed for general-purpose dispensing applications. Dispensette S, Analog-adjustable, DE-M marking, 0,1- 1ml, w/o recirculation valve

BrandTech™ Macro Pipet Controller

Firmly holds and fills all volumetric and serologic pipets from 0.10 to 200mL. BrandTech™ Macro Pipet Controller provides better airflow for effortless bellows compression. A single pipetting lever controls filling, meniscus setting, and discharge. Built-in, replaceable 3μm hydrophobic filter (spare included) limits over-aspiration of liquids into the valve system. Autoclavable at 121°C. MACRO PIPETTE CONTROLLER GREEN W/SPARE FILTER

Brand™ Blaubrand™ Borosilicate Glass Class A USP Volumetric Flask

Manufactured from Class A Borosilicate Glass and complies with DIN EN ISO 1042 standards.BRAND™ Blaubrand™ Borosilicate Glass Class A USP Volumetric Flask includes polypropylene stopper and USP batch certificate. DE-M Marking provides easy volume check. X2 Vol. flask, BLAUBRAND, USP, cl. A, cert. 5ml, Boro 3.3, NS 10/19, PP-stopper

BRAND™ AR-GLAS™ Stirring Rods

Constructed of AR-GLAS™. Tubes are fused closely at both ends. X50 Stirring rod, AR-Glas250mm x 8mm fused closely at both ends

Brand™ Malassez Counting Chamber

Commonly used for counting nematodes or cells in the cerebro-spinal fluid. BRAND™ Malassez Counting Chamber is rectangular, covering an area of 5mm2. Counting chamber BLAUBRAND Malassez IVDwithout spring clips, double ruling