Buerkle™ Milk Powder Collector

Samples powder and granules using semi-circular stainless steel lance. Buerkle™ Milk Powder Collector was developed initially for milk powder samples. Conforms to standards of DIN and IDF (International Dairy Federation.) MILK POWDER COLLECTOREdelstahl V4A, 150ml, L=480mm

Buerkle™ HDPE Wide Mouth Disposal Keg Container

Buerkle™ HDPE Wide Mouth Disposal Keg Container for disposal or storage of powders, granulates and liquids. Wide-mouth cont. HDPE UN 3,5l

Buerkle™ V2A Stainless Steel Pendulum Beaker for Buerkle™ Telescopic Rod

Buerkle™ V2A Stainless Steel Pendulum Beaker for Buerkle™ Telescopic Rod designed to automatically swings to a horizontal position. SAMPLING SSTEEL BEAKER W/SWING

Buerkle™ LDPE Wash Bottles with Swan-Neck Immersion Tube

Designed with severe curve in the neck to eliminate dangerous lateral spatter. Buerkle™ LDPE Wash Bottles with Swan-Neck Immersion Tube produces a fine, straight precision directed jet spray. Spritzflasche, LDPE, 1000ml, DxH=98x315mm

Buerkle™ Turn 'n' Spray™ Spray Bottles with Overhead Valve

Spray in any direction with Turn'n' Spray's special technology. Buerkle™ Turn'n'Spray™ Spray Bottles with Overhead Valve spray uninterrupted at any angle and reaches hard-to-access areas. SPRÜHFLASCHE TURN'N'SPRAY 500

Buerkle™ Glass Sampling Bottles

Buerkle™ Glass Sampling Bottles can be used with Buerkle™ ProfiSampler. GLASS SAMPLING FLASK 1L

Buerkle™ Stainless Steel SiloPicker Sampler

Buerkle™ Stainless Steel SiloPicker Sampler is ideal for taking bulk goods samples from silos. SILO-PICKER

Buerkle™ Aluminum SiloDrill™

If bulk goods are transported over long distances (in trucks, railway goods wagons), separation may occur.Taking the sample just from the surface therefore leads to the wrong result.Representative samples from all layers of the silo can be taken with the SiloDrill. The SiloDrill fits through all standard openings with its diameter of 90 mm. CISTERN SAMPLER

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Storage and Stacking Container

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Storage and Stacking Container with external reinforcement ribs. Transport- und Lagerbehälter, 23 LiterAussenmasse: 600x400x130 mm, grau

Buerkle™ HDPE Universal Storage Container

Buerkle™ HDPE Universal Storage Container with closed gripping edges for safe transport of pourable or liquid contents. LDPE-Allzweck-Lagerbehälter 29 Liter, Aussenmasse: 660x450x130 mm

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Thread Adapter

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Thread Adapter allows StopCock spigots, ball valves and other accessories to be connected. Gewinde-Adapter, Gew. A 3/4', Gew. B Koni-schem R3/4' Faßgewinde, grün, PP

Buerkle™ Tube Nozzles with Cap Nut

A hose nozzle with a cap nut and inner thread. PP-Gewindefitting, Schlauch-Tülle, mitUeberwurfmutter, Innengewinde 3/4'

Buerkle™ Manual Solvent Pump

For the contamination-free removal of organic solvents and flavouring agents. HAND PUMP FOR SOLVANTImmersion depth, 30l/min, Rohr D=18mm

Buerkle™ Stainless Steel Barrel Pump with Discharge Hose and Stopcock

Buerkle™ Stainless Steel Barrel Pump with Discharge Hose and Stopcock is suitable for filling combustible and easily flammable liquids. DRUM HAND PUMP STAINLESS STEEL W/1.2 M PTFEtubing and stopcock 570 mm

Buerkle™ Chemical Resistant Plastic PVC Apron

Manufactured of polyvinyl chloride. BRAND™ Chemical Resistant PVC Apron includes eyelets, neck band and waist band welded into the apron. Reinforced fabric and construction is industry quality. Chemical Resistant Plastic PVC Apron

Buerkle™ Pump-it™ Container Pump

Create pressure with a hand pump that forces liquid out of the canister with the Pump-it™ Canister Pump. The pump is designed to quickly and cleanly empty canisters and small barrels up to 60L capacity. PUMPIT EMPTYING PUMP PP/VITON

Buerkle™ Sedimentation Funnel

Sedimentation funnel, Imhoff funnel. Sedimentier-Trichter, glasklar und bruch- sicher,1000ml

Buerkle™ Squeeze-Fix Hose Clamp

Using these clips, hoses can be compressed partially or completely as required. Buerkle™ Squeeze-Fix Hose Clamps are made from POM, do not rust, and can be operated with one hand. Permanently elastic, hygienic and sterilizable. SCHLAUCHKLEMME QUETSCH-FIX 1-5 MM (VE=1 PCE)

Buerkle™ Drop-boy Dropping Bottles

Use Buerkle™ Drop-boy Dropping Bottles for accurate, reliable and repeatable dispensing of reagents. 0307-10 Tropfflasche 10 ml

Buerkle™ Spill Trough Laboratory Tray

Suited for environmentally dangerous aggressive substances, for laboratory work, as an etching tray, an instrument holder, a medicine tray, for photographic development, as a sample presentation tray or a display tray for foodstuffs. Buerkle™ Spill Trough Laboratory Trays are practical, all-purpose trays that can be nested when empty, and are durable, shatterproof and resist flexing. WASHBASIN POLYPROPYLENE 1,5 L

Buerkle™ LDPE Dropping Bottles

Dispense small amounts of liquid, drop by drop or as a fine jet. Buerkle™ LDPE Dropping Bottles feature a sturdy construction and convenient attached captive cap. DROPPER BOTTLE LDPE 30ML0306-0030

Buerkle™ Stacking Industrial Measuring Jug

A lightweight and handy polypropylene measuring jug with an ergonomic handle. BEAKER PP 3000ML GRAD. PAINTED

Buerkle™ Hose Angle Bracket with Cap Nut

Angled at 90° with cap nut. PP-Gewindefitting, Schlauch-Winkel mitUeberwurfmutter, Innengewinde 1/2'

V4A Stainless Steel Extension Rod

Buerkle™ V4A Stainless Steel Extension Rod for Buerkle™ SiloPicker allows samples to be taken from depths down to 3.5 m. SiloPicker extension 50cm

Buerkle™ LDPE Lid for Round Shaped Containers

Buerkle™ LDPE Lid for Round Shaped Containers is the perfect solution to cover various sizes of round shaped containers. Deckel für 20 Liter Rundbehälter

Buerkle™ Safe-it™ Tamper-Proof Labels

Buerkle™ Safe-it™ Tamper-Proof Labels shows a silver checkerboard pattern on both the subsurface and surface of the sticker itself when the label is broken. SAFE-IT, SICHERHEITSETIKETT, 1 ROLLE MIT 500 ETIK.

Buerkle™ PTFE Scoop


Buerkle™ Polypropylene Rods for Draining Racks

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Rods for Draining Racks can be replaced and have their positions changed. TIGE 60/6MM POUR 50199

Buerkle™ Burkle™ Polyethylene Spigot Jumbo with Tap

Spigot with tap for R2in.barrel thread, 50 mm flow, for viscous media such as lacquers, glue, shampoo. SPIGOT JUMBO BROWN 2' THREAD