Merck™ Amicon™ Ultra Centrifugal Filter Units

Achieve both high sample recovery and fast sample processing. EMD Millipore Amicon™ Ultra Centrifugal Filter Units feature regenerated cellulose membranes that are ideal for protein & nucleic acid purification, concentration and desalting. Available in several diameters and molecular weight limits. X500 AMICON ULTRA 0.5ML 3K

Merck™ Millex™ Sterile Syringe Filters: PES Membrane - Clear

Ready-to-use syringe-driven units, designed for sterilizing and clarifying sterile solutions X50 Millex-GP 25mm PES .22um Sterile w/ Luer Outlet FDA Listed CE Marked

Merck™ Montage™ Gel Extraction Kit

Elutes DNA from agarose gels in 10 minutes X50 DNA Gel Extraction Kit (nits)

Merck™ Immobilon™ Western Chemiluminescent HRP Substrate (ECL)

Provides high sensitivity over a broad detection range at an economical price X2 IMMOBILON WESTERN CHEMILUM HRP SUBSTRATE 50ml

Millipore™ Handheld Magnetic Separator Block

Cost-effective handheld magnetic separator block constructed of polycarbonate, corrosion-resistant steel, and polypropylene. Millipore™ Handheld Magnetic Separator Block is designed for use with 96-well flat bottom or conical well plates. Hand Held Magnetic Separation Block for 96 well plate

Merck™ Novagen™ Benzonase™ Nuclease, >99%

Degrades all forms of single strand, double stranded, linear, circular DNA RNA. BENZONASE, PURITY, MAIOR 99%, SIZE = 10 KU

MilliporeSigma™ Minicon B15, 8 Cells/Unit

Concentrate urine, cerebrospinal and other fluids to enrich analytes. MilliporeSigma™ Minicon B15, 8 Cells/Unit is used worldwide as a preparatory step to increase the sensitivity of subsequent in vitro and clinical tests. Static concentrator requires no ac 40TEST B15 MINICON 1 BOX 40 TESTS

Merck Millipore Steritop Quick Release

For sterile filter applications. Steritop Quick Release-GP, GP, 0.22 µm, polyethersulfone, 500 mL 45 mm, radio-sterilized

MilliporeSigma™ Glass Vacuum Filter Holder, 47mm

Includes 300mL funnel, fritted base and cap, clamp, and alignment sleeve. Glass Vacuum Filter Holders, 47mm are used in vacuum filtration of liquids to produce clarified or particulate-free filtrate or to analyze particulate or biological contamination retained on the filter surface. Glass filter holder assembly, stainless steel screen, with 300 mL funnel, base, stopper, clamp, alig

Merck™ 13mm Nonsterile Millex™ Syringe Filters - Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane

Overmolded polypropylene housing and optimized housing design X100 Millex FG 13mm Phobic PTFE 0.20um Non Sterile w/Tubing Outlet

Merck™ Novagen™ KOD Hot Start DNA Polymerase

For PCR amplification of long strand and GC-rich DNA templates, cloning and cDNA amplification applications KOD HOT START DNA POLYMERASE **NOT FOR SALE IN JAPAN**, SIZE = 200 U

Merck™ Anaerocult™ A

For use in microbiology. Merck™ Anaerocult™ A is a reagent for generating an anaerobic medium in anaerobic jars (2.5L), for the cultivation of obligatory and facultative anaerobes. Packaged in 10 single-use sachet papers. X10 Anaerocult A for microbiology

Merck™ Millex™ Sterile Syringe Filters: Durapore™ PVFD Membrane

Designed for sterilizing and clarifying sterile solutions. MilliporeSigma™ Millex™ Sterile Syringe Filters: MCE Membrane are ready-to-use, syringe-driven units that have never been touched by human hands during filter assembly. Feature 0.1, 0.22, 0.45 and 5.0µm pore sizes; medical-grade filters available. X50 Millex 25mm Durapore PVDF 5um Sterile

Merck™ Microcon™ Centrifugal Filters for Protein and DNA Concentration: Ultracel-10 Membrane

Provides efficient concentration, desalting, or buffer exchange of aqueous biological samples. X100 Protein Microcon - 10 Kda

Merck™ Yeast and Mold Sampler

Self-contained dip testers to monitor yeasts and molds in food, beverages X25 Y&M Count Sampler,yellow plastic paddle with dehydrated media and MCE filter membrane

Merck™ PetriSlide™ for Contamination Analysis

Substitute for Petri Dishes. Merck Millipore™ PetriSlide™ for Contamination Analysis includes a transparent cover allowing microscopic examination without removal. Rectangular base has rounded corners for mounting on microscope stage. X100 PetriSlides dish for contamination analysis,non sterile

Merck™ Millicell Hanging Cell Culture Insert

Merck™ Millicell Hanging Cell Culture Insert allows attachment or suspension cells to access media from both their apical and basolateral sides. X48 Millicell Hanging Cell Culture Insert, PET 1um, 6-well,



Merck™ Calbiochem™ Protease Inhibitor Cocktail Set III, EDTA-Free

Protease inhibitor cocktail III, EDTA-free for inhibiting aspartic, cysteine, and serine proteases as well as aminopeptidases in mammalian cells and tissues. 1ML Protease Inhibitor Cocktail Set III, EDTA-Free Protease Inhibitor Cocktail Set III, EDTA-Free

Merck™ Millex™-GP50 Sterile Filter Unit

Fast filtration with low protein binding X10 Millex-GP 50mm PES .22um Sterile HB/HB w/bell

MilliporeSigma™ Centrifree Ultrafiltration Device

Separate free from bound microsolutes. MilliporeSigma™ Centrifree™ Ultrafiltration Device is licensed for research use and in vitro diagnostic use with serum, plasma & other biological samples. Features the Ultracel™ cellulose membrane and sturd X50 CENTRIFREE

Merck™ Scepter 2.0 Cytometer Sensors

Designed for use with the Scepter 2.0 Automated Handheld Cell Counter (cat. no. PHCC20040). MilliporeSigma™ Scepter 2.0 Cytometer Sensors ensure accurate, reproducible counts and eliminate pipetting errors and uneven sample loading. Available in two apertures to count cells between 4 and 25 μm. X50 Scepter Sensors, 60uM

Merck™ anti-phospho-Histone H3 (Ser10), Mitosis Marker, Polyclonal

200UG Anti-phospho-Histone H3 (Ser10), Mitosis Marker

Merck™ Floating Rack, Midi

Designed to hold D-Tube Dialyzers in an exchange buffer 1SET Floating Rack, Midi

Millipore™ UF Stirred Cell

Used in protein purification, concentration and desalting. UF STIRRED CELL 76 MM

Merck™ Milliflex™ Filter Unit

A ready-to-use, sterile filter unit that combines a funnel and a gridded membrane filter in one device for bioburden testing (microbial limit testing) in pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing and for general microbiological analysis. X24 Milliflex funnels, 0.45µm black gridded, cellulose esters

Merck™ Isopore™ Polycarbonate Membrane Filters

Use for analyses of airborne contaminants and other particles using optical or electron microscopy. MilliporeSigma™ Isopore™ Polycarbonate Membrane Filters have a smooth, glass-like surface for clearer sample observation. Available in a variety of pore sizes/flow rates, diameters and colors. X30 ISOPORE POLYCARB 5UM WH PL 90MM

Merck™ MF-™ Mixed Cellulose Ester Membranes: 0.22μm Pore Size

Designed for a wide range of analytical and research applications. MilliporeSigma™ MF-Millipore™ Mixed Cellulose Ester Membranes, 0.22µm pore size are available in a range of diameters. Composed of plain, white mixed cellulose membrane. X50 MCE .22UM WH PL 142MM

Merck™ MultiScreen™ 96-Well Assay Plates for ELISPOT Assays

Give optimal results in immunological ELISPOT (enzyme-linked immunospot) assays by providing high protein-binding capacity with low background staining X10 MultiScreen-HA MCE .45um Clear Sterile

Merck™ Amicon™ Stirred Cells

Amicon stirred cells concentrate samples rapidly but gently, using magnetic stirring to minimize concentration polarization and shear stress-induced denaturation. Amicon Stirred Cell 50ml