IKA™ Aluminum Alloy Basic Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

Incorporates extra technology including a powerful motor for a higher range of speeds and additional temperature control mode for faster heating of medium. IKA™ Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer employs a high level of safety through improved heat control technology making it suitable for unsupervised operation. MAGNETIC HOTPLATE STIRRER IKA RCT BASIC DIGITAL,20L capacity (H2O) aluminium alloyplate, with

IKA™ Slot Ring Bearing

An accessory item for the IKA™ S 25N - 8 G Dispersing Tool. SLOT RING BEARING

IKA Kalorimeter C 200

10023712 Kalorimeter C 200 Kalorimeter C 200

ETS-D5 Electronic Contact Thermometer

Ensures perfect temperature control without overshooting the set temperature, even in the case of quick heating. IKA™ ETS-D5 Electronic Contact Thermometer includes three patented operating modes to guarantee optimum adjustment to your working method. CONTACT THERMOMETER DIGITAL WITH STAINLESS STEELsensor and PID control 230-50V 60Hz 82mm (w) x

IKA™ H 30 Oil Bath Attachment

OIL BATH ATTACHMENTZubehoer Magnetruehrer/Accessories f

IKA™ Digital 3D Rocker

A digital shaker with three-dimensional tumbling motion and adjustable speed for smooth, homogeneous mixing tasks in flasks, culture flasks, Petri dishes and tubes. ROCKER 3D DIGITAL

IKA™ C 5010 Decomposition Vessel

C 5010 Aufschlussgefäß, Standard

IKA™ Gaskets

Dichtscheibe Nr.: 7159100

Dispersing Element for IKA T-10 Homogenizers

Use this dispersing element with the IKA™ T-10 Homogenizers. IKA Dispersing Elements feature a quick-connect coupling that facilitates easy exchange of dispersing tool. DISPERSING TOOL S10N-10G MAX/MIN IMMERSION DEPTH20/100mm stainless steel 1 to 100mL working range

IKA™ MTS 2/4 Digital Microtiter Plate Shaker

Shakes two or four microtiter plates. IKA™ MTS 2/4 Digital Microtiter Plate Shaker provides orbital movement and includes a digital timer with alarm to that time has expired. DIGITAL SHAKER ORBITAL WITHMICROTITRE PLATES 230V50-60Hz185mm x 320mm 105mm 0-1100 rpmMTS 2/4

IKA™ O-rings

0559900 O-Ring

IKA™ Vortex 1 Shaker

Use this attractively designed, test tube shaker for mixing small test samples. IKA™ Vortex 1 Shaker is ideal for small containers up to 30mm in diameter such as test tubes, centrifuge tubes, Eppendorf beakers. VORTEX 1

IKA™ Quad Ring

Quad ring 5,28x1,78

IKA™ Hexagonal Nut

2410800 Sechskantmutter

IKA™ Topolino™ Magnetic Mini-stirrer

Mixes quantities up to 250mL. IKA™ Toplino™ Magnetic Mini-stirrer has a durable, brushless motor, with continuously adjustable speed range and high magnetic connection. MAGNETIC STIRRER TOPOLINORührmenge, 300-1800U/Min., 100-240V

IKA™ 7184400Insulating Bush

Isolierbuchse 7184400

IKA™ RW 20 Digital Stirrer

Stirs quantities up to 20 Liters (H2O) IKA™ RW 20 Digital Stirrer includes a robust, slimline, ergonomic design. Includes two speed ranges for universal use from 60 to 2000RPM. STIRRER RW202000upm, IP20, 230V

IKA™ KS 4000 i Thermostable Shaker


Fisherbrand™ MS 3 Basic Vortex Mixer

Performs best with small vessels and microtitre plates. IKA™ MS 3 Basic Vortex Mixer is a compact, universal small shaker with two operating modes and continuous or touch operation. VORTEX MIXER ORBITAL, CONTINUOUS / TOUCH OPERATION230-50V 60Hz 148mm (w) x 205mm(d) x 63mm (h) 0

IKA™ C 29 Model Pressure Gauge

C 29 Druckminderer, Sauerstoff

IKA™ Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

Designed for synchronous heating and stirring. IKA™ Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer employs magnetic coil technology to provide noiseless and consistent stirring on all positions. Surface temperature is adjustable up to 120°C. Hotplate stirrer 0rpm to 1,000rpm 15 place

IKA™ FFPM O-rings


IKA™ MF 10 Basic Microfine Grinder Drive

Attach two different grinding heads to this drive for increased flexibility. IKA™ MF 10 Basic Microfine Grinder Drive is a continuously operating universal grinder with a speed range of 3.000 to 6.500rpm. DRIVE MF10 WITHOUT GRINDING HEADS 230V 50-60HZ320mm x 300mm x 400mm 3000 - 6000 1/min microfine

IKA™ R 2722 H-Stand

Provide optimum stability required for larger, heavier instruments and attachments, such as rheological measurements using overhead stirrers. IKA™ R 2722 H-Stand has an adjustment screw which can be used to compensate for an uneven laboratory table surface. H STAND R2722 FOR T50 (MAX LOAD 10KG) 34MM DIA X1010mm height

IKA™ Universal Batch Mill

Grinds hard and brittle substances up to 250 ml with a fixed speed of 20000 rpm. IKA™ Universal Batch Mill has two grinding chambers that can be alternately operated using one drive. M 21 blade included with delivery. MILL DRY GRINDING FOR VOLUMES UP TO 250ML OF HARD& brittle substances 230V 50-60Hz 170mm x 170mm x

IKA™ Stub Shaft


IKA™ M20 Timer


IKA™ RH basic 2 Magnetic Stirrer

Heats up to 320°C with fixed safety circuit at 400°C. IKA™ RH basic 2 Magnetic Stirrer includes a stainless steel plate and soft-start stirring motor. Stirs quantities of up to 10 liters. HOTPLATE STIRRER RH BASIC MAGNETIC 230V 50-60HZ168mm (w) x 220mm (d) x 105mm (h) ambient to

IKA T 25 Digital Ultra-Turrax™ Immersion Blender

High-performance immersion blender.  IKA™ T 25 Digital Ultra-Turrax™ offers a wide speed range that enables users to work at high circumferential speeds even with small rotor diameters. T 25 DIGITAL ULTRA-TURRAX EURO-Plug