Klebebänder und Etiketten

Fisher Scientific™ Etikettenband für das Labor

Available in multiple colors KLEBEETIKETTE 9,5X3000MM GRÜNGRÜN

Fisherbrand™ Polyolefin Cryogenic Label Sheets

Withstands cryogenic freezer storage conditions, as well as autoclaving, boiling water baths and centrifugation. Fisherbrand™ Polyolefin Cryogenic Label Sheets are pre-cut, peel off labels designed for use at cryogenic temperatures. X1040 LABEL CRYOGENIC SHEET POLYOLEFIN TEMP RANGE-196 to 150C, pack of 1040 White 43mm x 19mm

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ PolyPaper-Etiketten

Thermo Scientific Nalgene PolyPaper-Etiketten sind wasser-, UV- und chemikalienbeständig. Polyolefin Etiketten, 51x102mm, VE=500 St.

Thermo Scientific™ VisionMate™ SR 2D-Barcode-Reader für einzelne Gestelle

Decode a full rack of barcoded storage tubes in less than ten seconds with the compact, user-friendly Thermo Scientific™ VisionMate™ SR Single Rack 2D Barcode Reader. VisionMate SRFLATBED

VisionMate™ High-Speed Barcode Reader

VisionMate HighSpeed 2D Barcode Reader

Thermo Scientific™ VisionTracker™ Software zur Verwaltung von Proben

Organisieren und verfolgen Sie Proben mit der Thermo Scientific™ VisionTracker™ Software zur Verwaltung von Proben. LOGICIEL VISIONTRACKER

Thermo Scientific™ VisionMate™ ST Single-Tube 2D Barcode Reader

Scan single 2D barcodes instantly into your tracking software or other application with this barcode reader, which connects via USB port. VISIONMATE ST

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polyolefin-Sicherheitsbeschriftungssystem

Der Thermo Scientific Nalgene PolyPaper-Sicherheitsetikettensatz ist ideal zum Erstellen von Etiketten, die Chemikalien und deren Eigenschaften kennzeichnen. Set z. Erstellen von Sicherheitsetiketten gem.

Brady™ Label Maker Vinyl Cartridges (B-427) for BMP51, BMP53, BMP41 Printers

Designed to adhere to highly curved surfaces, wires and cables BOX OF M-136-427 CARTRIDGE ROLL OF 340 LABELS

Brady™ Türmarkierungsstreifen


Brady™ Thermal Transfer Printable Vinyl Cloth Labels

Repositionable vinyl cloth labels for barcoding and general identification, as well as re-identifying tissue cassettes ROLL OF X3000 THT-254-498-3 LABELS

Brady™ BMP51/BMP53 Label Maker Cartridge: B-427 Vinyl

Label Maker Cartridge with B-427 Vinyl labels for labeling facility, equipment, drawers and cabinets with warnings, instructions and reminders. BOX OF M-135-427-AW CARTRIDGE ROLL OF 240 LABELS

Brady™ ToughStripe™ Etiketten mit Überlaminierung

Create custom-printed floor labels quickly and easily GMK B-483 YL 5,72 & B-634OLAM

Brady™ BMP™50 Series Printable Repositionable Vinyl Cloth Labels

Designed for use with various BMP™50 series label printers. Brady™ BMP™50 Series Printable Repositionable Vinyl Cloth Labels offer a repositionable adhesive and are intended for use in wire and cable marking, component or equipment identification, barcoding, and other general identification. BOX OF M-103-498

Brady™ LABXPERT™ FreezerBondz Etiketten

For Brady TLS 2200 and PC Link Printers X-114-490 Etiketten, 38,1x95,25mm (VE=100Stck.)95X38MM

Brady™ ToughStripe™ Bodenmarkierungsband

ToughStripe™ Floor Marking Tape (3.5m/100 ft. in length) is a long-lasting, heavy-duty solution for marking floors, aisles, work cells and other designated areas. BLK./YLW FLOOR TAPE 76,2 X 30

Brady™ und TLS-PC Link™ Allzwecketiketten

TLS-PC Link™ General Purpose Labels are ideal for electronic PCB and component identification, bar code labels, rating plates and solar panel identification. ROLL OF X250 TLS LABEL B427 38MM X 19MM

Brady™ Universal-Etiketten für Thermodrucker

Thermal Transfer General-Purpose Labels are nylon cloth (B-499) wrap-around labels that are highly pliable to conform to tightly curved surfaces such as wire and cable. THT-137-499-3 Etiketten B=50.8mm, H=25.4mm,(VE=3000Stck.)

Brady™ ToughStripe™ Bodenmarkierungen in L-Form

Durable tape perfect for marking skid and pallet storage areas, as well as other designated areas X20 WHITE FLOOR LS 76,2 X203,2



Brady™ IDXPERT™ und LABXPERT™ FreezerBondz II Etiketten: Rechteckig

Labels withstand environments from LN2 to autoclave, helping preserve research while maintaining sample traceability X-156-492 FreezerBondz Etiketten für den IDXpert23X25MM

Brady™ PermaSleeve™ Heat-Shrink Polyolefin BMP51/BMP53/BMP41 Label Maker Cartridge

For use in harsh environments. Brady™ PermaSleeve™ Heat-Shrink Polyolefin BMP51/BMP53/BMP41 Label Maker Cartridges are durable and the shrink rate saves time during installation. BOX OF M-375-075-342 CARTRIDGE ROLL OF 80 LABELS

Brady™ Repositionable Tapes (B-581)

Indoor/outdoor marking film. Brady repositionable tapes/labels are designed with special adhesive to easily remove and re-apply. ROLL M71C-1000-581-YL 15,24M

Brady™ BradyBondz™ BMP71 Thermal Transfer Portable Printer Labels

Used to identify property from components to finished products ETIKETTEN PE 19,05X6,35MM

Brady™ IDXPERT™ und LABXPERT™ FreezerBondz II Etiketten: Rechteckig mit Kreisen

Labels withstand environments from LN2 to autoclave, helping preserve research while maintaining sample traceability ETIKETT FREEZEBOND2 13X25MM13X25MM

Brady™ BBP31 Hi-Performance Polyester Tapes - Gray

For labelling stainless steel and smooth surfaces. Brady™ BBP31 Hi-Performance Polyester Tapes are made of B-569 polyester and are ideal for application to very smooth surfaces or rigid panels. ROLL B30C-500-569-GY

Brady™ BBP™ Printable Magnetic Tape

Magnetic supply ideal for applications that require frequent repositioning, such as 5S and lean inventory labels ROLL B30C-2500-509-WT

Brady™ PTL-42-439-YL Etiketten 25,4mmx15m (BxL) Vinyl, gelb, glänzend, VE=15m Rolle

For use with TLS2200™ and TLS PC Link™ thermal transfer printers BOX OF LABELS PTL-42-439-YL 15,24 M

Brady™ LABXPERT™ und IDXPERT™ Nylon-Druckeretiketten: Rechteckig

Use these labels for a variety of general labeling needs. Brady™ LABXPERT™ and IDXPERT™ Nylon Cloth Printer Labels are ideal for LABXPERT™ and IDXPERT™ printers. X-118-499 Etiketten, 25,4x9,525mm (VE=300Stck.)

Brady™ WorkHorse™ B-423 Permanent Polyester Labels

For use in commercial/industrial applications. Brady B-423 polyester label are for use with BMP71 printer. ETIKETTEN PE 10,16X10,16MM10,16X10,16MM