Elektrische Ausrüstungsgegenstände und Verbrauchsmaterialien

Hoefer™ Power Supply Adapter

Adapts older-style 4mm output jacks to accept 4mm safety leads ADAPTER KIT 4MM FIXED SLEEVE

Dostmann Electronic™ Stecker-Netzteil für Serie P600

Robust, reliable power pack adapter for P600-series modem. Stecker-Netzteil für Serie P600

Eppendorf™ Connecting Cable

Druckerkabel für DPU 414-40 B

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EC-105 Compact Power Supply Kompakte Stromversorgung

Das Thermo Scientific Owl EC-105 Power Supply Kompakte Stromversorgung eignet sich ideal für die DNA- und RNA-Elektrophorese. POWER SUPPLY EC105

Invitrogen™ Novex™ Power Supply Adapters

Connect to a variety of electrophoresis units Zoom Netzteil Adapter

Fisherbrand™ AC Adaptor for 4080/4085

Use this power source with Traceable digital thermometers. AC Adaptor for 4080/4085


Checks alkaline, carbon, silver-oxide, mercury, nickel-cadmium and other batteries TRACEABLE® BATTERY TESTER

Alfa Aesar™ Conductive Ink

100GR Silver Conductive Ink


Designed specifically for scientific equipment, this unit automatically selects proper range when testing electrical functions of instruments and their power sources AUTO-RANGE MULTIMETER

Fisherbrand™ Feinsicherung 2x 250 mA, VE=10 St.

Fuse 2x250 MA (10 pcs)Fuse 2x250 MA (10 pcs)

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EC300XL2 Compact Power Supply

Retain settings after shut-down with the power-off memory on the Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EC300XL2 Compact Power Supply, ideal for DNA/RNA and Protein electrophoresis. COMPACT MODEL MAX OUTPUT:300V,75W, 3 OUTPUTS JACKS

Fisherbrand™ Feinsicherung 5 x 20mm, 5A, für 100W Stromversorgung, VE=10 St.

Use this fuse with compound microscopes. Fisherbrand™ Fuses are for use with 100W power supply and available in packs of ten. Fuse 5x20/5A for 100W power supply (10 pcs)Fuse 5x20/5A for 100W power supply (10 pcs)

EMD Millipore™ Millicell-ERS2 Volt-Ohm Meter and accessories

Messen Sie den transepithelialen elektrischen Widerstand (TEER) von Epithelzellen in einer Kultur MILLICELL ERS 2 VOLT/OHM

EMD Millipore Ersatzelektroden für Millicell-ERS Volt- ohmmeßgerät

Measures Trans Epithelial Electrical Resistance (TEER) of epithelial cells in culture Ersatzelektroden für Millicell-ERS Volt-ohmmeßgerät

Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ Switch


Bibby Scientific™ Jenway™ Netzteil

Power Supply for 73 Series Spectrophotometers

GE Healthcare Power Supplys

POWER SUPPLY, 1/CS, MA: 80-2115-38

GE Healthcare Power Supply Adapters

Connecting 4 mm or 2 mm leads to 2 mm or 4 mm output jacks, respectively ADAPTOR SET 4MM M/2MM F

GE Healthcare EPS 3501 High Voltage Power Supplies for Electrophoresis Units

Cover the wide range of electrophoresis and blotting applications. Designed for performance, EPS Power Supplies can be relied on for security and reproducibility EPS 3501XL POWER SUPPLY


Accessory for Electrophoresis Unit Replacement high voltage leads


Adapts conventional 4mm output jacks to accept 4mm safety HV leads ADAPTER NETZGERAET 4MM/4MM4MM/4MM

SI Analytics™ Stecker-Netzgerät TZ 1848, 230 V/110 V, für Rührer TM 125,TM 128

Stecker-Netzgerät TZ 1848, 230 V/110 V, fürRührer TM 125,TM 128

Hoefer™ Power Supply Adapter 4mm Female to 2mm Male

For use with the Hoefer PS 3000 power supply, or any power supply that has 2mm sockets ADAPTOR,SLEEVED 2MM M/4MM F(2)

Hoefer™ PS300-B and PS200-HC Power Supplies

Large handle for easy transport Netzgerät PS200HC, 2000mA, 200V, 200W, fürvertikale Mini-Systeme, semidry Blotting

SI Analytics™ Weitbereichssteckernetzteil, Typ Z850,230V

Weitbereichssteckernetzteil, Typ Z850,230V

Hanna Instruments™ Adapter, 12 V auf 230 V, Europastecker

Adapter, 12 V auf 230 V, Europastecker


For use with EPS power supplies 1001, 301, 3501, 3501 XL and 601 PHARMACIA STANDARD CONNECTOR KITKIT

GE Healthcare EPS 301 POWER SUPPLY

Cover the wide range of electrophoresis and blotting applications. Designed for performance, EPS Power Supplies can be relied on for security and reproducibility EPS 301 POWER SUPPLY

Scat™ Erdungskabel, 2 Zangen, L=1.50m L=1.50m

Erdungskabel, 2 Zangen, L=1.50mL=1.50m

Horst™ Stecker 7 polig für HT MC1, Binder S693

Stecker 7 polig für HT MC1, Binder S693